Board 1991-1992

Board of Storm 1991/1992

The First Board of Storm

Detlef van Vuuren
Roel Schenkels
Paulo van Cuijck
Wendy Sanders
Rick Hoeksema
Marie-Jeanne Schiffelers
​Gert-Jan van Veen

The very first Board of Storm: the pioneers in the founding of our association. Only one boring introduction in Zeist (sorry, department) was enough to get people enthusiastic. Could we organise some drinks together? Maybe some lectures? Or a big party? Quickly, there were about 20 students who wanted to do a committee, and the rest who wanted to become members. Mmmm… was ‘Milieukunde’ (environmental sciences) large enough for an own association? Not everyone was as optimistic about that. We starting as a ‘floating’ committee of V.U.G.S., but we quickly noticed that we were too enthusiastic for that. After some work, we managed: in december we split off from V.U.G.S. to finally become independent, with our own set of formal Articles of Association. Storm became its own association! 

With 5 committees: the Stormmelding (the magazine), de AkCie, de Toekomstperspectiefcommissie, Onderwijs & Informatie (Education & Information), and the PR, we organised parties, job markets, lectures, a Storm weekend... The Storm room was also special: twice a week, an hour in the afternoon, we were allowed to sit in prof. Loet Clarenburg’s office, Storm’s patron. Soon it was often filled with board and committee members working on activities. 

As a new association, we didn't really fit in with the other associations... so we made a picture to look as if we were already old!