Career Committee

How many times have you asked yourself questions such as “In what field do I wanna work after my studies?” or “How can I discover and approach firms that fit my interests?”. These uncertainties can cause a lot of stress, and having to deal with them on your own can be scary. That’s why the Path Pavers are here to help you! The dream team of 2022/2023 consists of Annika (Chair), Astrid (Secretary), Tjeerd (Treasurer), Sofia (Commissioner of Promotion), Julia (Commissioner of Bonding), Vince and Keimpe.

We organise professional, but fun events that aid Stormers to better comprehend in what field they want to apply the knowledge gained from their studies and to actually enter the world of work. Whether you’re in your master's or you just started GS, our events will always be useful to network with relevant companies that could possibly consider you for a job opportunity. In addition to that, some of our events will give you valuable advice on the more practical aspects of the labour market.

Our events can also be very beneficial for students from lower years as they can help you orient your study towards the work field that better suits you and give you an insight into what you would be interested in doing after your studies.

Some examples of the events we organize are lectures from companies and employees, workshops with tips on job interviews, CV, LinkedIn and other practical matters, network dinners, alumni events with old students, and insightful panel talks. Our events also include fun sides such as small prizes, drinks and chats, and interacting activities.

Are you ready to dress up and give your best impression to possibly your next associates?

We definitely are!

See you at our events!

Xx the Path Pavers