Board 2020-2021

Board of Storm 2020/2021

The 30th Board of Storm: The Uproar

Chairman:                                        Maite van Dijk

Secretary:                                        Loïs van der Kleij

Treasurer:                                        Nienke van Dijk

Commissioner of Educational Affairs:   Lotte Bakker

Commissioner of External Affairs:        Joshua Clemens

Commissioner of Internal Affairs:         Astrid Minnema

It is maybe a cliché to say, but what a year it has been! We started our year when the COVID-19 measures were quite lenient; we organised many real-life events, such as the integration period’s events and the bike tour organised by the Outdoor Committee. When it started getting colder, real-life events started to make room for online events. Our committees have shown that their creativity is endless when organising online events such as Sinterkerst Game Night, the Career Case Night, and the LEX Christmas game (and many more of course!). Normally, the DIES week takes place in December. However, we decided to only host some small events in December and to celebrate Storm’s birthday largely in June. The highlight during our first DIES week was the beer tasting with beers from our namesake De Oproer (do you recall the similarity?). 

After the Christmas break, we hosted the yearly Gala together with V.U.G.S. and NWSV Helix; one of our personal highlights of the year! Many Stormers participated in this at-home Gala with the amazing odz. “Wie lock jij down vanavond?”. This Gala was really the start signal of many more real-life events to come. We are save to say that the enthusiasm and energy that everyone got from the real-life events is the true highlight of our board year. We stayed indoors for such a long time, and when the restrictions were lifted again, everyone felt the need to go outside and join Storm’s events again! The favorite lock-down event of many committees had to be canoeing. We have stepped in the boat with the Outdoor-, Sports & Games-, and the  Alumni Committee. Piece by piece great events! During the last Sports & Games “weekend”, we tried to catch some waves with our surfing board in Zandvoort. Just a few of us got to stand on the board, but most of us got a sunburn or got stung by the thousands of jellyfish. Apparently, there were never so many jellyfish in Zandvoort as on that day, lucky us. At the end of our Board year, we organised something that has never been done before: a festival named Enter the Storm! The festival was held at the Werkspoorkade and included a silent disco, face paint, food, and, of course, good food! 

Of course, we also had two General Meetings in our board year, and we even had a third one at the end of the year. Unfortunately, two of the three meetings had to take place online. An online General Meeting has many downsides, but the benefit of hosting an online General Meeting is that no one notices that you might not be wearing every piece of your board suit, oops. 

Our board year has had its ups and downs, but in the end, we are very happy and proud that we have been the board of Storm in the crazy COVID-19-year. We want to emphasise again that we are very proud of our committees and all other Stormers, that have stayed positive and enthusiastic throughout the entire year. We want to thank all Stormers for staying active; you have helped to keep the association lively!