Crossing Borders Committee

We are this year’s Crossingborders committee!!! We are the committee with the wonderful task to organise the best and most fun activity of the year, THE CROSSING BORDERS TRIP :) We are going on a road trip with our famous bus driver Ton to some beautiful locations. It will be 10 days full of fun activities, spending time with your friends (possible new friends), and a lot of crazy moments!! The trip will be from 11 to 21 April and it will be an experience like never before so make sure to don’t miss it. Now we will introduce you to our lovely committee members. 

Arne is our chair, and he makes sure that everyone knows this (as he thinks being chair makes him more attractive) ;)  Next to the fact that Arne is always really swaggy and chill, he always tries to keep everybody focussed during meetings and makes sure we do our to-do points, the only problem is that he sometimes forgets to do his own.  

Then our slaying Alice, Who never always finishes the minutes on time!! Alice is not only always slaying during all the meetings while typing like her life depends on it, but Alice also  always makes sure to hide the words in the most interesting places (apparently it is allowed to put the word in a comment instead of the text haha). 

Our money-man (aka treasurer) Noah! Noah is always flirty with everyone in the committee and you can tell that being in charge of the money makes him really popular as Jules has the biggest crush ever on him <3 Noah also always comes up with the weirdest ideas for everything within the committee, the worst part is he is always a bit too proud of the ideas (let's say I am glad his theme did not win). Luckily as a treasurer he knows exactly what he does and makes sure the trip stays within budget!! 

Selma fills the position of “Commissioner of Promotion” and commissioner of bonding. Selma did not get enough of making promotion pieces and posters during her board year so she is again in charge of this within our committee. Luckily she had a whole year of training (still managed to make a big mistake in the poster) now we can be sure that every Stormers knows about the trip and will join!! She also takes the task of commissioner of bonding very seriously, and together with Mae their life goal is to win the Battle of the committees (which will happen btw ;)

Mae has two of the most important tasks: Ton contact person and commissioner of bonding. Calling Ton is not only a really important but also an extremely difficult task as Ton NEVER and I mean it when I say never respond to any calls or messages. But when she finally did manage to speak with Ton she could not be more happy and she let us know by a text: I JUST SPOKE TO TON!!!!!!! Mae also makes sure that we have the best bonded committee, therefore together with Selma she plans a lot of fun bonding activities, except for karaoke as mae hates karaoke (which is really weird according to our committee).

Then we have Elisa, our commissioner of visuals. Elisa is one of our two Sjaarzen in the committee which is a bit strange because she is already REALLY old. You would say the older, the wiser but that is not always really the case unfortunately, because Elisa with a few drinks can make some funny choices ;) Her function is to make an amazing aftermovie of the trip, and we also know for sure that Elisa can make an even better after movie than Yejun and Vince!!

Jules is the other half of our Commissioners of Visuals duo. If you are looking for the king of not finding the words in the minutes, then you are at the right place. Jules makes sure that half of his beerpoints come from not finding the word, this can be due to the fact that Jules asked us after 3 meeting ‘’What is a word in the minutes?’’ But our committee assumes that he is thinking of really good ideas for the aftermovie in the time he normally should read the minutes!!

Lastly, our lovely board member Piet. Piet is always happy and really energetic which really gives a positive vibe to the committee. I think our committee can conclude that this is Piet his main job in the committee because doing to do points is not one of them ;) Oh wait he is of course also really good at talking during the meetings and annoying our chair!! However, without Piet our committee would not be the same <3

We hope to see all of you during the crossing borders trip of 2024!!

Xx Bslay

Crossing Borders Committee 2023/2024

Elisa Naëmi Breger (2023) -
Piet Van Leeuwen (2022) Board Representative
Alice Mengozzi (2022) Secretary
Arne Olijslager (2022) Chair
Jules Mr Paulin-Elgar (2021) -
Noah van Sprang (2022) Treasurer
Selma Toker (2021) Commissioner of Bonding
Annamae van Vliet (2023) Commissioner of Bonding
Crossing Borders Committee 2023-2024 at the Crossing Borders Anouncement Night