Crossing Borders Committee

Hey Lovely Stormers,

This year, our committee is a little different. Making plans is uncertain in this situation🦠, especially when it comes to group travel. Fortunately, we are with 8 very positive birds. All creativity in this group is fully utilized to make the trip as enjoyable as possible, taking all circumstances into account. What will we do this year? Is just as big a question for you as it is for us. However, we know that we will make the best of it, which cannot be otherwise with these 8 beautiful people. The one and only Meike is our chairwoman. Donna makes sure that all the crazy things we say are on paper as our secretary. Samuel Tax is good with his pocket money, so he does his best for us as treasurer. Thom has been on Facebook for the longest, so he is busy with the promo. Nika takes public transport most often, so she arranges the contact with Ton. Amar and Annika are our MVPs; they do all sorts of things. Then, Loïs, she had 🤪 to join this committee because she is part of the board and is really good at checking us.

The locations are top secret (also for us)⚠️, so you have to wait a while for that. We will tell you this. You can already put the most exciting announcement ever for bc in your agenda on the 9th of February. Just like you have to keep the 3rd break week free. Then the entire spectacle will start, and we will do something fun anyway.

We hope to see you all again soon, but above all during the crossing borders trip.

Loads of love,

The Caged Birds

I (we) want to break free!!!! (Queen, 1984)

Crossing Borders Committee 2021,

Meike van der Veen, Donna Kooij, Samuel Tax, Thom van Rij, Nika van Leusden, Amar de Maaker, Annika Dick & Loïs van der Kleij

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Crossing Borders Committee 2020/2021