Crossing Borders Committee

Heey Stormers!
The Crossing Borders committee is coming back stronger than ever, with lots of energetic members to create the perfect BC trip! Let us present ourselves: Guus van Putten as chair, Käthe de Jonge as secretary, Lola Barends as treasurer, Tabea Dick as vice-chair, Lilla Poldermann as commissioner of promotions, Vince Ippel as commissioner of visuals, Manou van Mierlo as board representative, and last but definitely not least, Ruben Kraaij as Ton contact! 
We all know how much you guys have missed going on the BC trip, therefore we will give our all to plan the most iconic and exciting break week in April that you won’t ever forget about! Make sure to keep an eye out for our hints and announcements, this year’s theme is going to be something else 😉
See you soon,
BC 2022

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