Crossing Borders Committee

Hello and welcome to our wonderful page!

We, as the Crossing Borders Committee, are responsible for the organisation of the most exciting thing of the year, you guessed it,: The Crossing Borders trip!

While it is one of the most time-intensive committees of Storm, we have a meeting every week for the whole year, it is well worth the time, because we will be organising the best 11 days of the year for 60 Stormers!

We will be crossing borders and having fun, but also, since we're all members of Storm, the trip will be as sustainable as possible! For instance, we will travel by bus (most probably with Ton), eat only vegetarian food and try to include educational (preferably sustainable) activities.

These people are going to make the trip unforgettable (well, this depends on the amount of klok consumed) this year:

Inge Ossentjuk as Chairman

Moises Rebollar as Treasurer

Ana Dirkzwager as Secretary

Sander Endert as Ton-contact

Benthe Noyons as Promotion

Jasper Wijnands

Jolyn Oosters

Josien Grashof

When is the trip?

11 April - 21 April 2019

Where are we going?

This will remain top secret until the announcement on 7 February, so mark your calendar!

We are sure this year's trip will be the best ever, and hope to see you then!

Love, Benthe

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