Board 1998-1999

The 8th Board of Storm: Brainstorm

Rick Düking
Lisette Pinkse
Jorrit Nijhuis
Jeroen Dagevos
Liesbeth Janssen
Mike Obispo
​Edward Smeets

Our board name is Brainstorm, and thus we can best start our story with one! Basically from day one that we came into contact with Storm, this question mulled in my mind: ‘What is Storm?’. What is our exact identity and meaning? 

First of all, Storm is as an organisation, an association, the beating heart of our study--which gave it a soul. The most important part of this were of course the members, followed by the board who cheerfully, but sometimes unsure or desperately, but always advancing with giving direction to their life with this study. Using the sociology theory of Anthony Giddens you can say that the members of Storm are actors and the association the social structure. There is a dynamic cooperation between the structure and the actors which means that Storm is never the same. The members and the board members are those who form the structure of Storm. Besides that, Storm’s past has an influence on the current events. It’s nice to realise that even though we aren’t current actors anymore, we still are a part of how Storm is. 

We had an amazing board year as Brainstorm, even though we still followed the ‘old’ bachelor Milieukunde, and other associations had no idea who we were. Everything ends, just as our board year. During our board year milieukunde still was only two years, which made forming a tight group harder sometimes, but we still managed! 

Board 1998-1999

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