Education and Promotion Committee

Hey Stormers!💚

We are the edpromi, this years education and promotion committee! Our name comes from the dutch word “prominent”. Someone “prominent” often finds themselves of the highest importance and class, which we do too! Our goal is to aid all Stormers with their academics, through allowing them to provide feedback, integrate with teaching staff and more! 

After every period, we invite you to evaluate your courses with us during the Course Evaluation Panels (CEPs). Besides providing valuable feedback to us that we will deliver to the teaching team, joining the CEPs as a GSS student will earn you 1 SAC (Study Active Certificate) point every time and will help you become more actively involved with your education! 

But we do not only organise the CEPs. We are also here for the Parents Day! On this day, you can invite your parents to join you on campus to experience what it is like to be a GSS student! Lastly, we organise activities that bring together staff and students. Having drinks or playing games with your teachers is a fun way for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you outside of the classroom!