Education and Promotion Committee

Hellooooo Stormers!!

We are EdProost(Cie), this year’s Education and Promotion Committee! Proost is the Dutch word for cheers, which we do at the start of all our meetings. Whether we are all in lockdown and watching lectures from behind our laptops, or whether we are walking the halls of the Koningsberger and Buys Ballot buildings: your experiences about your GSS, SD and WSM courses matter! And that is exactly what we are here for: after every period, we invite you to evaluate your courses with us during the Course Evaluation Panels (CEPs). Besides providing valuable feedback to us that we will deliver to the teaching team, joining the CEPs as a GSS student will earn you 1 SAC (Study Active Certificate) point every time and it will help you to become more actively involved with your education! 

But we do not only organise the CEPs. We are also here for the Parents Day! On this day, you can invite your parents (and, if circumstances allow, other family members) to join you on campus to experience what it is like to be a GSS student! Fun right?? And last but not least, we organise activities that bring together staff and students. Having drinks or playing games with your teachers is a fun way for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you outside of the classroom!

And this year’s EdProCie’s team is an amazing group of people. Let me introduce them to you! First up is our Chair Merijn Hilhorst. She is a third year GSS student and though she is originally from Utrecht, she is really good at doing the Flemish accent. You’d almost think she was once in the K3 pop group! Next up is our Secretary, Jasmijn Hoefman. She is also a third year GSS student and wherever she goes, she brings a bag full of everything. Stuff you do and stuff you don’t need: Jasmijn has it all. And her bags aren’t even that big!. Then we have our Treasurer, Niels Kaptein. He is also a third year GSS student but also already has an established career as an author: he wrote his own book once!. Followed by yours truly, our Commissioner of Promotion, Jeska de Jong. Again, a third year GSS student who spends her time breaking personal records of how fast she can cycle to the Uithof (especially when she is running late…). Then, our Commissioner of Visuals, Jeske Loonstra. Another third year GSS student whose guilty pleasure is reading Donald Duck magazines that she has collected at her parents’ house. I guess you’re never too old for that! Grandmother of our group, Commissioner of Masters, is Tess Beukema, a second year Sustainable Development Master student! She is a real fan of dinosaurs, especially the triceratops, which is her favourite! And finally, our committee is wisely guided by our Board Representative, Meike van der Veen. She is not only well equipped to be in the Board because of her experiences and traits, but also because she has not one, not two, not three, but seven (!) swimming certificates. Wow, never knew you would need let alone could get that many!

Now that you know all about who we are and what we do, we hope to see you at our CEPs, the Parents Day and the staff-student activities!