Education and Promotion Committee

Heyhello Stormers !

We are the Education and Promotion committee of Storm and we carry the name ‘Collegium Edprominum’ with great pride.

Bestowed upon us is the honourable task to aid Stormers with providing feedback on their courses, and making sure this feedback is passed on to the right people. We thus invite you to come to the Course Evaluation Panels (CEPs), at which you can tell us all about what you liked and disliked about your courses. Additionally, you receive one SAC (Study Active Certificate) point for every time you come to these events. It’s a great way to feel more involved and connected with your education!

Next to all this serious business, we are good for some other fun activities too. We try to improve and maintain the relation between staff and students, for example by having drinks together and playing fun games in which we all get to bond. Furthermore, we organise the Family&Friends day at which you get to show the people close to you what you have been up to all year!

We hope to see you at some of our lovely events 

Education and Promotion Committee 2023/2024

Stijn van Ginhoven (2019) Treasurer
Anna Hulshof (2021) Chair
Piet Van Leeuwen (2022) Board Representative
Tjeerd Nijdam (2018) Secretary
Arne Olijslager (2022) Commissioner of SAC Points
Quinten Roorda (2021) Vice-Chair, Commissioner of Bonding
Eefje Schellings (2021) Commissioner of Chug Songs
Noah van Sprang (2022) Commissioner of Promotion
Meike van der Veen (2019) Commissioner of Cocktails