A confidant is a trustworthy person within Storm that can be contacted at all times to seek help, in the first place when members experience problems within the association, but also for personal situations, if the member feels the need for this. The main tasks of a Confidant is to offer a listening ear to members and refer them to facilities that can provide aid and support. A confidant has a duty of confidentiality. Storm has two confidants: one board member and one member who is not in the board. They will receive training on how to fulfil the role of confidant. More information can be found in the Confidant’s Code of Ethics. 

Interested in becoming a confidant for the coming year? Please send an email to with a short motivation why you would be suited to become a confidant.

Current Confidants:


Tamara Luiken

I am a 20 years old third year GSS’er who enjoys photography, salsa, running and the likes. I am also a big Star Trek and Just Dance fanatic. I will be fulfilling the confidant position this year. So if you have personal problems or with Storm, I will provide a listening ear.


Samuel Tax

Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old and originally from Leiden. In my free time I like to play the piano and play football. I also like to listen to hiphop, rock and jazz music. If you encounter any inconvenient experience within our association, you can talk about it with me.

Contact Information: | +31 6 18586938

Contact Information: | +31 6 19620006

Confidants Ethical Code