Eye of the Storm

The Media Committee 2020-2021 Pacha Media will continue the Eye of the Storm podcast from last year's committee! 
This season, Rosana, Michelle and Len along with the very best guests will discuss a different topic related to culture, sustainability or Storm in every episode.
Accompany us throughout this journey, listen to our sometimes heated discussions and don’t miss a chance to laugh with us!

Episode 0 (Pilot): Positive experiences of 2020

Episode #1: Love

Podcast Media Committee 2019-2020:

Next to the beautiful Magazines that the Media Committee makes, they also make a podcast! Aptly named 'Eye of the Storm' it is a podcast wherein people related to Storm or Sustainability are interviewed by the Media Committee's lovely chairman (unrelated) Hugo Kwaaitaal, co-created by Jesse Doomen. Check out the first episode on Soundcloud, or via clicking the link below:

Episode 1: Responsibilities of Being a Chairman with Rens van den Berg