Storm is the Student Association for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Global Sustainability Science and the masters Sustainable Development. Storm offers the students the possibility to develop themselves both socially as on the educational level. Throughout the year we organize multiple lectures, debates, theme parties, and sport activities. On top of that we try to help the students with their career choice by organizing workshops and in house days.

Masters on a Boat!
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  • Wittevrouwensingel 95 Utrecht
Sailing Weekend
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The documentary of Storm - 2016



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A sea of orange is all I saw that evening when I was biking down the tiny alleys of Utrecht. Orange hats, orange rimmed sunglasses, wigs, and...

Though I was hardly able to enjoy it due to the infernal hell also known as Statistics, it was finally warm outside. From the UB window, I...

The Storm guessing game

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It is time for a very random Storm blog. The first part contains a small poem. The idea is that you can add to this poem. Just think of 5...

Must see and do as a student in Utrecht

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Utrecht is by far my favorite city in the Netherlands. This really doesn’t come as a surprise as when I grew up, Utrecht was the closest city...

General Meetings; to what end?

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  A satirical piece on Storm’s most boring event If you ask me, a general meeting should present NEW results, to be transparent to the...