Storm is the Student Association for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Global Sustainability Science and the masters Sustainable Development. Storm offers the students the possibility to develop themselves both socially as on the educational level. Throughout the year we organize multiple lectures, debates, theme parties, and sport activities. On top of that we try to help the students with their career choice by organizing workshops and in house days.


Innovation and progress: The greatest paradox of the 21st century

  • Storm

When futuristic images are used to display the city, many people's heart will beat faster. Usually, these images are accompanied by ...

Introduction to Friesland

  • Storm

Sustainable holidays

  • Storm

Holidays are just around the corner and since I’m being a total hypocrite, flying across the globe to see family and friends, I thought I ...

The Great Evergreen Conspiracy

  • Storm

Sometime ago I wrote a blog in which a certain Russian leader was criticized, just a little bit. Since then I have been forced to volunteer ...

Finding your summer love in Utrecht

  • Storm

When you went to Utrecht to study, your hormones, that went crazy during your teens, are more stabilized. People from the other sex (or same ...

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