Welcome to the website of Storm! Storm is the study association for Sustainability Sciences at Utrecht University. You can always find people in our association room in the Buys Ballot Building at Utrecht Science Park, in room 2.79. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the association, feel free to come by or reach out to us through our mail or phone! You can find the Board’s details at the bottom of the page!

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  • Lifestyle

They say that when you are able to teach someone, you have a good understanding of the topic. At least that is what people always told me. So...

Wind in the back

  • Storm

This weekend I went on the sailing trip organized by the sports and games committee. Together with 41 fellow Stormers, we travelled to Sneek...

I gotta feeling

  • Lifestyle

I gotta feeling that this is how it is supposed to be… After at least 2 years of online/hybrid classes, we got to experience what an actual...

Life under an anatomy atlas

  • Lifestyle

Some of you might already know that I had been a medical student before coming here. Over 3,5 years (4,5 if we include my academic break),...

Science behind spring happiness

  • Lifestyle

Spring is here. The weather is getting better, the days lengthen, and flowers start blooming. The last few weeks I noticed that my mood...

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