Welcome to the website of Storm! Storm is the study association for Sustainability Sciences at Utrecht University. You can always find people in our association room in the Buys Ballot Building at Utrecht Science Park. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the association, feel free to come by or reach out to us through our mail or phone! You can find the board’s details at the bottom of the page!

Storm News

Domino's discount for Storm

The 30th Board presents a new collaboration with Domino's Pizza! From now on, Stormers receive a stack discount at all DP branches in...

Photography and Investment Committee

Hi Stormers!   We have an important message. In February, two extra committees will be installed during the Semi-Annual General Meeting....


Storm Blog

52 weken duurzaam(52 weeks of sustainability)

  • Sustainability

When the new year starts, a lot of people have new years resolutions. For me one of my resolutions was trying to challenge myself to change...

Plastic reduction strategies

  • Sustainability

Plastic was the hot new thing on the block, the young secretary that was a little cheap, you could bend in every possible direction you...

I am a feminist. And you can be one too.

  • Lifestyle

Feminism is not a very sexy word. While most people acknowledge that sexism is still a thing, most would not go so far as calling themselves...

Save the Bees!

  • Sustainability

Recently, the global bee population has been declining, going from 4.5 million bees in 1945 to only 2 million in 2007. The main cause of this...

A sustainable outcome of Covid-19

  • Sustainability

Covid-19, the virus that has shaken the world at its roots for almost a year now. Whenever you go online, read a newspaper, or watch tv; You...