Storm is the Student Association for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Global Sustainability Science and the masters Sustainable Development. Storm offers the students the possibility to develop themselves both socially as on the educational level. Throughout the year we organize multiple lectures, debates, theme parties, and sport activities. On top of that we try to help the students with their career choice by organizing workshops and in house days.

The documentary of Storm - 2016


How to survive the Dies week

  • Storm

Hello Stormers! The Dies week of Storm is just around the corner, but what is it again? Dies is short for dies natalis in Latin, which...

A first year’s impression of Storm

  • Storm

A first year’s impression of Storm:   It’s been several weeks since we embarked on the sustainable journey of GSS. About 7 weeks have passed...

Open our gates and let flow

  • Storm

From within our green bubble, if I may call Storm such, it has for a long time been priority to convince others of the impending disaster....

Tribute to the old Storm room

  • Storm

A tribute to the old Storm room By: Florette Reijman I know it’s the start of a new year, with a new board and a new Storm room, however, we...

Student life tips from a fossil Stormer

  • Storm

It feels a bit sad to write this blog, as it is one of my last duties for Storm. I am now what we used to call a Stoma (short for Storm-oma,...

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