Storm is the Study Association for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Global Sustainability Science and the masters Sustainable Development and Water Sciene and Management. Storm offers the students the possibility to develop themselves both socially as on the educational level. Throughout the year we organize multiple lectures, debates, theme parties, and sport activities. On top of that we try to help the students with their career choice by organizing workshops and in house days.

The documentary of Storm - 2016

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Conscious Consumption: Plants

  • Sustainability

Stormers love green. Green energy, green rooftops, green juices, you name it. Of course, Stormers also love green in their living environment...

Basic Income

  • Storm

BASIC INCOME. Good, now that I caught your attention with these controversial words, I can explain why it’s important to know about it....

Green Climate Fund

  • Sustainability

Although it’s a while ago, this blog in a way links to my previous blog. Relatively positive about nuclear energy, it ended with the question...

Cleaning up the Oceans

  • Sustainability

Plastic debris on beaches and shorelines. Many of you are familiar with this problem we are facing as environmentally-conscious and caring...

2019 - A Brigde to 2020?

  • Storm

2019 – A Bridge to 2020?   It’s 2019 for almost a month now, and it feels odd. Every new year is odd, and everybody knows the feeling of...