Welcome to the website of Storm! Storm is the study association for Sustainability Sciences at Utrecht University. You can always find people in our association room in the Buys Ballot Building at Utrecht Science Park, in room 2.79. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the association, feel free to come by or reach out to us through our mail or phone! You can find the Board’s details at the bottom of the page!

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To do or not to do...

  • Lifestyle

I think everybody knows the problem, lack of motivation. Deadlines come closer, yet you still find yourself in bed watching Netflix and...

The best study choice

  • Lifestyle

Maybe this is not the place to talk about whether I have chosen the right study, but I am going to do it anyway. In May 2020 I finished high...

A long way home

  • Lifestyle

I came to the Netherlands by a small bus (and took my bike too, whoohoo) with a bunch of other Lithuanians. It took me nearly 19 hours....

Your student room: the essentials

  • Lifestyle

Like many others before me, I took a big step a few months ago: I left my small town to move to the big city. In June, I sent a message to a...

A summer outside of the box

  • Lifestyle

  If you go around a group of people and you ask them the question: “What is the biggest disadvantage of COVID?” Most people will answer with...