Storm is the Study Association for the bachelor Global Sustainability Science and the masters Sustainable Development and Water Science and Management. Storm offers students the opportunity to develop themselves not only socially but also with their educational and professional career path. We organise activities weekly that can range from drinks and sports events to symposia and lectures. Moreover, we offer help with your study books or course evaluations.
You can always find people in our association room in the Buys Ballotgebouw on Utrecht Science Park. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the association feel free to come by or contact us on our contact information on the bottom of the page.  

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GREENGALS’ SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE ♻ Do you think you and your friends/committee...

SusChefs Cookbook!

Hello there Stormers! Last year's SusChefs made a cookbook of all the recipes that they prepared during last year's Sustainable Dinners! And...

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Family Support

  • Sustainability

I can still remember my family’s reaction when I first told them I wanted to become a vegetarian. As I come from a real meat-loving family...

Thoughts on Antonyms

  • Sustainability

Opposites play a major role in how we perceive the world. It is easier to understand, compare and evaluate by applying opposite concepts. Day...

A Small Rainforest to Fill the Emotional Void

  • Sustainability

Like many students, I had to leave a pet from my parents’ house when I moved out for university (I miss you, Bobbie). And even though I have...

Frames, Republicans, vested interests and a carbon tax

  • Sustainability

In a 2002 memo, USA Republican Frank Luntz proposed to use the term ‘’climate change’’ instead of ‘’global warming’’, in public debate. To...

Europe Travels

  • Sustainability

When looking outside, you probably can only think of the times that the sun was shining bright and you were enjoying your free time in the...

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