Kolokolo Committee


Hereby presentingā€¦ this year's Kolokolo Committee <3 We have the honour of raising money for the elected charity of this year: Merazonia. Merazonia is a centre for nature conservation and animal rehabilitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Through multiple fun events, Toastie Thursday, and merchandise sales we try to make a change and collect as much money as possible for this amazing cause in the name of Storm. Now, we'd love to introduce you to the team that is behind raising the funds for the sloths, monkeys and parrots over in South-America!!

Firstly, our chair - Erwin. A true Storm veteran, he singlehandedly makes up about half of the total beer points collected by the committee.

Our treasurer/money man is Max. Thanks to his spreadsheets and budget estimates we can maximize our profits for the good cause, although his extremely out-of-pocket comments make him a terror to our meetings from time to time.

Next up, our secretary Karolien. From writing the minutes and keeping track of the administration to intervening in Erwin and Max's shenanigans, she truly does it all (even though she's from the second-rate version of the Netherlands, aka Belgium).

Our lovely board member representative is Nynke. Most probably already know Storm's very own Cali-Limburg girl who is always ready to advocate for our plans to the rest of the board, keeping her so busy that she has become very good at forgetting to find the word in the minutes.

Deirdre and Enza are responsible for the design department.

Enza, a GSS'er from France with enviable drawing talents, has the distinction of having the first-ever committee quote attributed to her name: "Are there kangaroos in the jungle?" was the very fair question she asked in one of our first meetings.

Deirdre, as the eldest from the committee, is already half a senior citizen getting tipsy two wines in - but an amazing karaoke duet partner nonetheless.

Then of course we have myself, the commissioner of promotion: Joy. My job is to make sure you guys are in the know about our lovely events, and to (often successfully if I may say so) bullshit myself out of receiving beerpoints.

And last but not least, we have Kyra, who organizes the committee's bonding activities. We're convinced she has the worst immune system of the entirety of Utrecht, but she does manage to power though most meetings with whatever cold/flu she has at the moment.

Alright, that's it for our committee introduction. Hopefully we'll be able to collect a big fat cheque - with your help!! -  for the amazing Merazonia team, so that they can continue and expand the incredibly valuable work they do in Ecuador.


Kolokolo 23/24