Kolokolo Committee

Hey all!

The Kolokolo committee is back this year to help you spend your money on a good and wholesome cause(instead of yet another beer). The charity we are supporting this year is Perma Atlas, dedicated to helping the population of the Moroccan Ounila Valley rebuild the now dry valley into a sustainable and fertile place to live!

To make sure we can raise as much money as possible, we present you our super passionate committee: Valerie de Rijk(Chairwoman), Lotte Bakker (secretary), Symke Nieboer (treasurer), Elena Benfield (promotion) and the wonderful minds of Alexander Robertus, Koen ten Dam, Emiel de Bruin and Gabrielle Bowen!

So, get ready to empty your wallets out, because we are going to organize tons of fun activities in support of this awesome charity!



p.s. If you would like to get more information on the charity, please visit perma-atlas.com


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