Kolokolo Committee

Welcome, welcome to the fresh, fantastic and fully committed Kolokolo Committee!

Let us introduce ourselves: We have got Zerline Jagt as an amazing chairman, Stijn van Ginhoven as our eager secretary, smart Sacha van Slobbe as treasurer, Nelleke Bekkers and Lilla Poldermann as passionate promoters, Sebastian Fortineau as the talented commissioner of visuals, Paula Martin known for her positive energy and last but not least Maite van Dijk as The Uproar board representative!

This year’s charity chosen by Storm is Coral Reef Care, an inspiring Dutch foundation with a mission to conserve and protect marine ecosystems, in particular coral reefs! They raise public awareness and organise local marine conservation projects, e.g. creating artificial coral reefs and No Take Zones. Their current projects are based in Eastern Africa, where they set up a coral farms and train the community in coral conservation. Kolokolo’s mission is to raise as much awareness and money for them as possible in order to help CRC create more projects around the world!

We are super excited to organise lots of fun activities, the coolest merch ever and other beautiful things to raise money for this year’s charity. Of course, we want to set a new record, so we will do our best and hope you join us on our journey by attending our events!

Ps: here's a link to the CRC website if you want to know more: coralreefcare.com

Keep calm and coral on!
XX Kolokolo