Kolokolo Committee

The Kolokolo Committee is the charity committee of Storm. This year, we are supporting SDSP, a charity which works on creating food forests for the people of Papua Barat.

The committee consists of: Thom van Rij, Jolyn Oosters, Leon Auty, Sascha Fast, Petra Bardocz, Meike van de Veen, Mara Hanssen and Daniël Zegeling. 

We, the Kolokolo committee of 2019 -20, are more than ready to start off this year with exciting activities and fund-raising events. Of course, as we are the charity committee all the money that is raised will be donated to a charity chosen by members of Storm. This year’s charity is the Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua-Barat (SDSP) or Foundation for a Sustainable Society Papua-Barat. The project that we will support focuses on a sustainable food forest (“Het voedsel bos”). The charity provides funds and knowledge to Papuans on how to grow different crops in a sustainable way to fight the struggle of malnutrition of Papua’s citizens and especially its children. Our committee consists of 8 diverse and super cool students:

May I introduce: Here are this year’s KoloKolo committees members:

Thom van Rij (Chairman), Petra Bardócz (Secretary), Sascha Fast (Secretary), Jolyn Ooster (Treasurer), and the inspiring and wonderful minds of Meike van der Veen, Leon Auty, Mara Hanssen and last but not least Daniël Zegeling Get ready to go on this fund-raising journey with us and support the charity in all ways possible: by eating, drinking and having fun.

We are more than excited to raise as much money possible and thereby support SDSPs mission and story of changing Papuan’s life.


Kolokolo 2019-2020

PS: More information on the charity can be found on their website (which is sadly only available in Dutch, but which will hopefully change as they are growing): www.spsd.nl