Kolokolo Committee

Hi Stormers! 💚 Welcome to this year’s new and improved Kolokolo Committee!

Let us first introduce ourselves - we’ve got: our incredible chair Astrid Minnema, our super secretary Richelle Dsouza, our terrific treasurer Anna Hulshof, our legendary commissioners of promotion Lea Fuhrmann and Daan Geluk, our creative commissioner of visuals Paul Verkade, gracious Gwen Hendrikman, and last but not least hard-working Nika van Leusden as our Kairos board representative!

This year, all money raised by Kolokolo will be going to the charity Oasebos, as chosen by Storm. With the money donated, Oasebos purchases parcels of primary rainforest in Costa Rica, for the purpose of preservation. This is particularly important, as the Costa Rican rainforests are global biodiversity hotspots. 🌱 In Costa Rica, an estimated 4% of all known species can be found! Kolokolo’s mission is to raise as much money as possible, to save as much rainforest as possible from land use change. 

This year, we are super excited to organise lots of amazing events (keep your eyes peeled on Storm’s social media or this website, to stay up-to-date on our events), the amazing Kolokolo X Lustrum merch, and other secret projects to raise money for Oasebos. We are extremely determined to beat last year’s record, so please come to- and participate in any and all of our fundraising activities! 

Kolokolo Committee 2021-2022

P.S. Check out Oasebos’s website to find out more about what is done with all the money that is donated ()