Music Working Group

Loud, energetic and entertaining! the Storm Music Group consists of students passionate about music. We meet up for rehearsal as well as jam sessions. All instruments and music tastes are welcome (no excuse for you, sorry). This is what makes the Storm Music Group such an amazing experience; musicians from various countries, with different backgrounds, mingle and create a unique sound!


The main purpose of the Storm Music Group is to have a decent backup for your study plans which may fail at some point, but also to have a blast! It's a great outlet from schoolwork and a wonderful way to spend your free time.  Whether you're looking to form a band (to make mad bank) or just jam with some other musicians, there are definitely other people in the club looking to do the same.


We reserve studio time on a weekly basis for whomever is able to attend. The studio will have most of the necessary equipment to rock your socks off, such as amplifiers and microphones. If you play drums or piano... you're in luck! The studio will provide these as well, just be sure to bring drumsticks.


Apart from performing, we seek to organise concerts, gigs, and other musical activities around Utrecht. Please bring in your own ideas and creativity - it's all about music! Attendance at all meetings is completely mandatory, failure to show up at a single meeting will result in expulsion from the club - of course it's not, feel free to check out events if you're interested.


Sign up today, we'll Rock You Like a Hurricane! [Ba Dum Tss] If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us.


Disclaimer: Rock on at your own risk. Side effects of the Storm Music Group may include: excessive enjoyment, recurring rockitude, shredded vocal cords and in some cases hearing loss.

The Storm Music Group is not liable to cover rehab costs.