Music Community

The low sound of the bass in combination with a screeching guitar solo, guided by the magnificent beats of the drums and the melodies of a keyboard. Maybe add a dash of trumpets or some saxes and voilà you have a magnificent performance ready. Unfortunately this is something we won’t be hearing a lot this year. However, the corona related restrictions won’t stop the Music Working Group from being active! 

Together we’ve found ways to be able to get to know and to learn from each other. In the music working group you could participate in workshops hosted by your fellow Stormer mates to maybe find your newest hobby. If this doesn’t excite you, maybe the history lessons will! Every month someone from this working group will give a small lecture about his favorite band, artist or instrument.

In the Music Working Group we only spread positivity and hope, which is why we are saving all our energy to end this year with a bang. When the corona restrictions are lifted, everyone can fully enjoy the Music Working Group, since you would finally be able to jam with other musicians and form bands. To provide our musically gifted stormers with practice space, we’ll reserve studios on a weekly basis. All the equipment you need will be provided for you in these rooms. 

Finally, we’re expecting to provide you with some amazing performances. In any case this year promises to end spectacularly!

Are you interested to join or do you want more information about this working group don’t hesitate to contact us at or onderwijs& !