Board 2013-2014

Board of Storm 2013/2014

The 23rd Board of Storm: Het Bewind

Chairman:                                      Roelant Knauff
​Secretary:                                      Hielke van der Ster
Treasurer:                                      Bas van der Schalie
Coordinator of Educational Affairs:    Ewa van Kooten
​Coordinator of External Affairs:         Bertus Mertens

The sustainable ambitions of the previous years are finally put in to a committee this year: the Sustainability Committee. With lots of enthusiasm activities linked to sustainability are organised and there is a monthly sustainable dinner.

After last year's difficult Career Day, the Career Committee chooses a new path. Instead of the Career Day a Career Month is now organised, with lots of activities spread throughout the month focused on career opportunities. Examples are a symposium and a couple of company visits.

Besides that, Storm's birthday is celebrated with grandeur. A Diesweek was organised for the first time under the theme: the Seven Sins. Many activities were organised, under which a beercantus, a visit to brewery Gulpener and at the end the faculty party.

The year is not only in the theme of many activities, the Board also organised some spontaneous activities. Around the winter holidays the Stormroom turns into a true Christmas paradise, there is a Tiroler Friday and there are drinks at the end of the year for all older years who finally handed in their thesis.