Media Committee

Let us introduce ourselves: we are the Media Committee! 

As you probably know, the Storm Magazine Committee is one of the oldest committees of Storm. When the association was born, one of its main aims was to communicate sustainable ideas with fellow students. To do that, the Magazine, initially called “Stormmelding” (Storm Alert), was established.

Today, new technologies make communication much easier, so we have thought that it would have been smarter to communicate our ideas through social networks, podcasts and videos as well… 

That’s how the MEDIA COMMITTEE was born! 

This year we are going to modernize, innovate and improve the magazine, but we have our minds on plenty of cool stuff for the other communication channels. 

We won’t reveal all of our projects because we will surprise you in the next months with our inventiveness! Anyway, if we caught your attention visit our instagram page @spillthestorm and keep up with the latest updates. 

Our aim is to combine the fun side of sustainability with the more serious one and to share it with you. We have all the tools we need to make it happen. 

Our chairman Hugo, treasurer Iris, secretary Tessa and the rest of the amazing team made up by Floor, Silvia, Noa, Chayenne, and Jesse are looking forward to an amazing year ahead!