Media Committee

Dear fellow Stormers,

We know that you already can’t get enough of social media, but the 2021-2022 Media Committee
“Digital Doves” is here to bring you even more fun content!
Of course we will be keeping the tradition of writing the Storm Magazines and the weekly blogs alive.
Though you can expect loads of cool new things from us, like Storms very own podcast! (which we
are very excited for). The Media committee will also keep you entertained throughout the year with
the most funny and fruitful Youtube videos and Instagram posts, so make sure to follow us!
Our committee exists of 7 amazing people this year: Michiel de Zeeuw as our chair, Nardi Rosier as
our secretary, Simona Matuleviciute as treasurer, Mila as the commissioner of promotion, Tjerk as
commissioner of visuals and last (but definitely not least!) Sopie Maris as our final editor.

 You can find our weekly blogs via:
 Our Instagram page is called dailystormm
 Storm’s YouTube-channel: