Board 2009-2010

The 19th Board of Storm: Riders on the Storm

Chairman:                                               Mandy Lingeman
​Secretary:                                               Anouk Kors
Treasurer:                                               Ruth van Werven
General Commissioner :                            Sanne Preso

The four-headed women board had trouble keeping the quickly growing association in check. The new program Davilex showed to have some troubles and the energy supply on the 21st floor was not very reliable.

They managed to successfully involve the first years into the activities, where the attendance was really high. Also the OpCie was making great steps, the Course Evaluation Panels were created where feedback could be given. During the foreign trip to Poland it was made clear that Storm could handle many bottles of vodka. Yet another amazing week.

At the end of year party something phenomenal happened: ‘’I counted them!’’ an active member said, ‘’there were 40 Stormers in de Oudegracht at one point!’’. This fresh dive was ended by the police, filling the Oudegracht with half naked Stormers. Unfortunately at the General Meeting the finances could not yet be approved and was postponed for half a year.

Board 2009-2010