Photography Committee

Hi Stormers!

There are so many amazing Storm activities organized by the other committees, and every time,

there will be a brave Pixcie member to capture all of your most precious moments: sweating with the

Sports and Games Committee? click! enjoying a sustainable dinner? click! showing off your dance

moves? click! And when you’d like to pose with your buddies, just look for the girl with the camera!

At the end of yet another marvellous year we will provide a photobook, which preserves the best

memories for eternity!

Pixcie consists of Marieke Wennemars as chairwoman, Manon Jansen as secretary, Floor van Oers as

treasurer, Nina Opdam as commissioner of promotion, Josien Grashof, Manou Prinsen, Myrte

Blanken and Lena Nickel

See you at the events!

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