Photography Committee

Hi Stormers,

Welcome to this little introduction talk on behalf of the photography committee; ''picca's''. Due to our big friend boontje coroontje, we have not started at the beginning of this study year. However, we are here now!
So what are we doing then? Well, and this is hopeful because spring is here and summer vibes are checking in, Storm can start organizing outdoor activities again. And therefore we can attend to these and make sure everything is being captured on our cameras. So in future outdoor events, you might see someone sneaking around taking pictures of you...
But don't mind us tho, just smile and wave (or pose like Doutzen Kroes).
Besides that, we started working on the photobook. Unfortunately, this was not finished last year. So, therefore, we decided to make one book including both last year and this year. We have
some cool and creative ideas for this.
Some fun facts about us:

When I asked Lois for a fun fact about her she just said: ''I don't have any crazy hobbies, I am just a little bit of a crazy person.''

Renske is an icy girl since she works at an ice cream parlor and therefore eats ice cream all year long...

As most students have, Lucca's wallet is often quite empty, only what makes her different then other students is that this is caused by an extreme coffee obsession.

So one of us got to be the strong and cool one right? Well, that is Hela. Hela does Karate, so don't let her fool you with her cute smile.

I think most of the GSS students love the sea and the ocean. However, Rosa is afraid of fish which is a pity since she loves snorkeling. If anyone has some tips for her, please let us know!

Donna has had a Donald Duck subscription since 2008, and she is very proud of that.

We cannot wait to see everyone at the Storm events!



Photography Committee 2020/2021