Board 2011-2012

Board of Storm 2011/2012

The 21st Board of Storm: Blow your mind

Chairman:                                          Jelle Zalm
​Secretary:                                          Linde van der Knaap
Treasurer:                                          Lise de Boer
Coordinator of Educational Affairs:        Willem Aberson
​Coordinator of External Affairs:             Erwin Fijt

The last lustrum was ended with an amazing lustrumweek filled with parties, excursions and gezelligheid, with the theme: the End of the World. With the by Maya’s predicted apocalypse in the future, the life that is left is taken to the fullest. When the prediction doesn’t come out, Storm focuses on sustainability and society. We started with only offering vegetarian produce at our activities. Besides that we are working together with different parties on sustainable initiatives. Within the UU the Committee of Sustainability is founded, with the goal to promote sustainability within the university. Some members found the Duurzame Kortingskaart and others revive the Groentetas after years of absence. The Master Committee creates a Storm vegetable garden on the Uithof and What The Fiets is founded, where you can repair your bike with others.

Within Storm there is also a lot of change. From the 21st floor of Unnik the Storm room moves to a room in Rupperthal, giving members the opportunity to visit the room in their breaks. To
organise more activities the AcCie is split up into the Sport & Games and the Party Committee (FeeCie).

Board 2011/2012

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