Advisory Board

Lovely Stormers, 

The Advisory Board. It might well be that you have heard of us, but you actually have no clue of what this group of people is doing on a daily basis. The main task of the Advisory Board is, as its name already indicates, to advise the Board of Storm on all kind of things. Hereby you kan think of an advice about policy plan related subjects, such as the introduction of a new committee or the abolition of one, but also on how to deal with unanticipated situations like Covid-19. 

The Advisory Board consists of four old board members of Storm and one current active Storm member. Through the participation of the old board members we can assure that the knowledge of those previous years is preserved and passed along. The role of the member representative is also very important, as this is the link between the members of Storm and the Board. If you have any ideas or comments (both positive and negative) about the functioning of Storm’s Board, you can contact the Advisory Board’s member representative. He or she then will make sure that this is communicated to the right person, of course taking your privacy into account when necessary. 

Alright, now it is maybe time to introduce ourselves! 

Helge (Chairman, 27th Board)

Yza (Educational Affairs, 28th Board)

Anne (External Affairs, 29th Board),

Loïs (Secretary, 30th Board)

Annika (Member Representative, 2nd year Stormer) 

We hope you now know a bit more about us and about what we do within Storm. Hope to hear from you soon!