Board 2016-2017

Board of Storm 2016/2017

The 26th Board of Storm: The Airbenders

Chairman:                                         Sake Kolhoff
​Secretary:                                         Michael Nannings
Treasurer:                                         Yannis Koetsier
Coordinator of Educational Affairs:        Florette Reijman
​Coordinator of External Affairs:             Yvana Wagter
​Coordinator of Internal Affairs:              Steven van der Veld

Our year, 2016 – 2017, revolved around the same focus points as the same year did for our very own Geert Wilders: foreigners. With the first influx of a group of internationals into our association, we had to make some changes of which the foremost one was the switch to an all-English association. So during our first general meeting, our beloved chair Sake didn’t only have to face his Dutch nerves, but also his English nerves. The new internationalisation posed a fair couple of challenges, but generally we were very able to overcome these or at least we were able to show (international) Stormers that we tried but couldn’t fully succeed. Apart from these challenges from abroad, we decided to focus on further maturing Storm. We introduced schemes for good behaviour through the SAC credit system, but also put into place a comprehensive document for when behaviour of members isn’t all that nice, through the protocol for misconduct.

On top of that, Storm turned 25 during our board year. And fortunately for us, a committee was already working on the festivities for 1,5 year, so we only had to be there and enjoy. And enjoy we did, from a head-rocking silent disco in the Storm room, to a boat-rocking cantus, a worldview-rocking symposium, a hardhat-rocking port visit, a guard-rocking prison escape and a castle-rocking gala. Needless to say, we had a blast during this Lustrum and during the year as a whole, and we owe that all to each and every Stormer who contributed to this year. On behalf of The Last Airbenders: thanks and farewell.