Board 2012-2013

Board of Storm 2012/2013

The 22nd Board of Storm: Voor de wind

Chairman:                                    Koen van Oostende
​Secretary:                                    Marthe Haringsma
Treasurer:                                    Anne Schipper
Coordinator of Educational Affairs:  Matthijs Bouwmans
​Coordinator of External Affairs:       Wisse ten Bosch

The sustainability ambitions of Storm continue this year. Sustainability meetings are held in which members can debate possibilities for Storm to internalise and externalise their sustainability. Besides, some members start the sustainable newsitem, an biweekly email providing news on all topics of sustainability.

On the educational front there is more emphasis on communication about choices. The student tutelage is introduced, where older years can help first years on choosing their courses. There is also an increase of information about master choices and possible minors. The Career Committee is feeling some competition for the first time. Companies do not want to work on multiple career days and more often than not choose to not work with Storm. The previously successful Career Days are no longer possible and other opportunities for the committee must be sought out.

To get a better picture of Storm activities a Photography Committee is created, which also get their own Storm camera. The amount of quality pictures increases dramatically and pictures are published in the magazines and photo yearbook.

During the introduction week Storm participates in the Sustainable Introduction Stunt for the first time. At de Neude plastic bottles are collected and other garbage thrown away. People can exchange their plastic bag for ones made of straw and plastic bottles for vouchers on doppers. Storm gets a lot of attention from RTV Utrecht and other news outlets. An exciting battle finally delivers the jury price to Storm!

Board 2012-2013

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