Board 2021-2022


The 31st Board of Storm: Kairos


Rik Kleijer


Tjeerd Nijdam


Samuel Tax

Commissioner of Educational Affairs

Meike van der Veen

Commissioner of External Affairs

Nika van Leusden

Commissioner of Internal AffairsManou van Mierlo

We are the XXXIst Board of Storm, Kairos. In old Greek Kairos means the perfect moment, all variables are lining up perfectly, everything comes together; in modern Greek, it refers to the weather. The name suited our year perfectly when we chose it, as in front of us was the first Storm year without significant covid after some years of having the association locked up, the VIth Lustrum (XXXth birthday) of our association, together with all other sorts of things, everything seemed to line up perfectly!

We started the year with a somewhat normal introduction week again, in which we for the first time reached more than a thousand (1000!!!) members (fun fact: it makes us the biggest association of the geo-faculty). At the General Meeting that we had in the Academy Building we initiated three new committees: the Almanac Committee, the Wellbeing Committee, and the Consultancy Committee. These all appeared to be a success, though we are at this point (15/02/2023) still awaiting the Almanac ;).

But the year continued, we got off to a great start with many activities organised by all the amazing Committees we had, which were well-visited by everyone excited by the world opening up again from covid. That is, until the end of November, when we suddenly had to endure strict covid measures and at some point, even a lockdown once again. University buildings (and thus the Storm room) closed, activities moved online as far as was possible, and we were once again experiencing a period of lockdown again. This changed the entire Lustrum, for which the Lustrum Committee had planned an entire month of celebrations in December.

We eventually celebrated our Lustrum with more than 500 different Stormers, coming to the all the different educational, fun, and interesting activities the Committee organised. Starting with a mudflat-hiking excursion, day-drinking drinks in the Poema (yes, it sounds as horrible as it was), and a symposium in the Dom Church in December. And then continuing from February onwards with a 30-hours trip to Paris, a cantus, winter gala in a castle, and a real kinderfeestje where we went to monkeytown for an indoor fun event with climbing, lasergaming and beers. We also had a dinner & show event where we enjoyed good food and a variety of acts. As well as an Alumni dinner with alumni from all ages! And to close off the 6th Lustrum of Storm, we enjoyed one of (if not the) biggest party Storm has ever organised by themselves. In the Basis we spent all night partying with DJ’s, a live saxophone act and a large variety of attendants. It was amazing! Though not everyone remembers as much from the night.

At the last event, the dinner, we also had another special moment. After more than a decade of being our Patron, and being best dinnerbuddies with all the Boards, Klaas decided that it was a right moment to move on seeing that he wanted to focus on different things and Storm had become adult enough to manage itself. At the dinner we thanked him for all that he has meant to the Association with some final words from Rik and the man himself, Klaas.

For the first time in three years all the weekends organised by our amazing committees took place again, which were amazing. Also, something that could finally take place again was the Crossing Borders trip! We travelled all around Germany through München, Dresden, Berlin, Rostock, and Bremen, enjoying getting to know all these cities in many amazing ways, and enjoying the adventurous bus rides and the company it took with it. This was the 15th time that our legendary busdriver Ton came along, and for that we thought we should do something special. Thus, with the approval of the General Meeting we made Ton Schellings an official Honorary Member of Storm. It provided us with a beautiful moment and some lovely words from Ton at the General Meeting.

At the end of the year, we also broke the standing Kolokolo record, collecting €4787.20 that has been used by Oasebos to buy 2.5 ha (25,000 m2) of rainforest on Costa Rica in Storm's name. From this moment onwards it will be protected from any land use change and deforestation in Storm's name!

Looking back now, it has been an insanely eventful year. Over the year we learned a great deal as well as that we made many memories. It has certainly been a year to remember, and we will cherish it for many years to come. We loved being your Board, thank you for this amazing year! :)

xxx Kairos