Sports and Games Committee

Heyy there!

We are your Sports and Games Committee of 2020/2021 Be(er) Active! 

Although auntie Rona has made this year rather hectic, this won't stop us from delivering some amazing activities for you to meet your fellow Stormers (and to drink some beers and be somewhat sporty?). 

Vince is our chairman. He enjoys issuing beerpoints (especially to Pieter) and likes to think that he has the final word on votes. Pieter is good with numbers so he is obviously our treasurer but also (unofficially) our snack dealer. Lotte is our beloved Board member and basically makes sure that stuff actually happens. Lilli is our secretary who takes care of our to-do points when (and if) she is present in the meetings, and makes our committee an international one. Roos is the commissioner of promotion, so she basically has to hype people up to come to our events (usually done by mentioning the prizes you can win). Robin is our talented photographer, she will document people's competitive spirit during the activities. Finally, Elieke and Ilse are our MVPs who make sure everything runs smoothly and add a lot of 'gezelligheid' to the group ;) 

We can't wait to be(er) active with you!!