Sports and Games Committee

Prepare yourself for the sports and games committee this year: The Underdogs! As our name already shows, do not underestimate us. We might not seem like the most sporty committee but damn we are competitive. So prepare for even more amazing activities than last year and two awesome weekends full of sports and of course games.

This committee (or pack) consists of 8 wonderful stormers. As a leader of the pack(chairwoman) we have our own Alpha bitch (Myrte Blanken) accompanied by the overlooking eye of the Dogfather (Rens van den Berg). To organize the minutes, beer points and quotes we rely on hot dog (Birgit Couwenberg) to keep track of this. Happy (or hangover) hound (Nienke van Dijk) makes sure our budget will be spent well (probably on beers according to het budget last year). The youngest member of the committee aka Puppy (Coen Rouppe van der Voort) will be happy to inform you guys with the information about the awesome activities. Lastly we have our Greatest Dane (Bertram Alenpiew), Snoopy (Sacha van Slobbe) and St. Doggy (Samuel Tax) to help with all the other things within the committee. 

So let’s raise the woof with this fur-bulous committee of this year and we hope to see you guys during our activities!