Sports and Games Committee


If you suddenly see 8 extremely good-looking Stormers run to the bar, don’t be concerned: It’s THE JUMPING JACKS aka this year’s amazing Sports and Games Committee!!

A beautiful mix of old and new Stormers will take on the task of creating sporty, fun and most of all memorable events this year - and we are perfectly equipped:

Chairman Captain Jack (Mathijs) will steer the crew to new horizons (arrr) with the endless skills of our Jack Of All Trades (Emiel). On the way, Factcheck Jack (Becci) keeps track of our minutes, quotes and beer points and… well… checks the facts. Meanwhile, Snackerjack (Meike) and Jack Daniels (Jorijn) make sure we never forget food and drinks, and Bomberjack (Maite) will be there to bombard everyone with the good news. Our favourite pannenkoek is funny Flapjack (Noë) that occasionally breaks an arm or leg. And finally, we have truly won the Jackpot with Bram as our treasurer.

Prepare for some amazing activities and weekends, because this hard-working committee of Jacks will run, duck and jump to make this year legendary.

Now get up and moving and give me some jumping jacks!


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