Study information

In this section, you will find general information about the studies that are connected to Storm. Some of the information can also be found on the students UU website, but here we will provide you with a nice overview and some helpful practical information and links.

Our programmes

Storm has one bachelor programme, Global Sustainability Science (GSS), and two master programmes, Water Science and Management (WSM) & Sustainable Development (SD). Together with study association Helix, we are part of the Department of Sustainable Development, previously known as IMEW. This department is then again part of the Faculty of Geosciences.

All the information about your studies can be found on the students UU website. All the helpful links to web pages you might need, like MyWorkplace, BlackBoard, Osiris, the Library, or MyTimetable, can be found on this page.

Picking Courses

OSIRIS is used to subscribe for courses. You need to subscribe per period, so during the first period, you already pick your courses for the second period and so on. Subscription deadlines are set per period. If you miss these deadlines, the university does not have to allow your participation in that specific course. However, through “late subscription”, you still have the option to subscribe for, and thus participate in, courses. Remember, some faculties have different subscription deadlines, check this when you want to follow courses from other faculties!

Besides using Osiris only for subscription, it has a lot of information concerning the content and level of the courses, and maybe most importantly, you can find the course coordinator of each course. So for all questions regarding that course, it is recommended to contact the course coordinator.

Board of Examiners

If you have a request regarding your study programme, you have to contact the Board of Examiners from our department. For instance, if you can follow a specific course as a replacement for a course from your major or if you want to follow specific courses abroad, you will be in touch with this board.

Extra/third course

In case you want to follow three courses in one period instead of two, you will have to fill out this form. The Board of Examiners can decide if you are allowed to do this.

Study Advisor

The department of Sustainable Development has two Study Advisors, Pieter Louwman and Sacha Handgraaf. They can help you with practical matters, such as making choices within your programme if Osiris did not meet your needs. Next to this, they are also there for you to discuss more confidential matters within the programme or maybe personal circumstances that have an effect on you as a person. They will be happy to help you in any way they can, to bring you a step forward. The office of the Study Advisors is located in the Koningsberger Building, room 1.20E. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they have open office hours from 13:00-14:00, so having an appointment is not necessary. For making an appointment, you can contact them on the following email address: or make a call to this number: +31 30 253 2349. You can also send Pieter and/or Sacha a message on Microsoft Teams. 

Student Affairs & Career Services

Utrecht University wants to help their students with all sorts of matters. Therefore, they have a Student Affairs location in several buildings. Students Affairs for Geosciences is located in the Koningsberger Building on the first floor.

You can contact them by calling (030 253 9559) or walking by from 10’30-11’30 and from 12’30-14’30. Sending an email is possible as well! Their mail is:

Career Services is mainly focused on providing you with the right information for your future career. They can be found in the same office!

Extra Curricular

Do you want to develop yourself next to your studies? There are several options to do this. Two of these are displayed here below.

Honours, Decartes & The Da Vinci Project

Our faculty has a Geosciences Honours Programme. At the beginning or halfway your first year you can choose to sign up for the honours programme. There is a selection procedure, but not only focused at your grades. A good motivation letter is important as well.

As the name already tells you, this programme is within the geosciences faculty, meaning that it will be “geo-focused”. If you are interested in doing a broader oriented honours programme, Descartes might be suitable for you! This programme is university wide and more interdisciplinary.

The Da Vinci Project is an interdisciplinary honours programme focussing on sustainability. The program is available for second and third year Bachelor students. The project is in six groups of five people, all focussing on different global problems. You can sign up for this progam at the beginning of the year, this year your CV, grade list and a video pitch where needed to apply. Afterwards, a selection interview was held. 

Going Abroad

During your studies, it is possible to spend some time outside of the Netherlands. Most people do this during their bachelor, but it is also possible to incorporate this in your master programme. Think of doing research abroad or having an internship at an international company. The university has a page with all the information about steps you need to take before you can take off. Just keep in mind to start this process a year before you actually want to go abroad. Also, it is suggested to attend the presentations about studying abroad organised by the university.

Useful Links

The following links are maybe not well known by students, but are super useful for your functioning at the Uithof!

  • Studyspot gives you an overview of all the working places at the Uithof or in the city centre. You can even see which places, if they still have a computer, are taken and which ones are free to use!

  • Via Time Edit you can book a study spot, or a room for working or meeting in a group. 

  • This manual page has all the manuals for your possible IT problems. Of course, you can visit one of the IT desks at the university, but you can also try to figure it out yourself, at home, with the help of this page.