Lustrum Committee

The Lustrum Committee is not appointed every year, but is appointed every five years. Storm's next Lustrum, the 35th birthday, will take place in 2026. Ten Stormers will get the chance to spend 1.5 years putting together what is for many Stormers the highlight of their time with the Association. 

The last Lustrum was in 2021. Lustrum VI: Polar consisted of some amazing activities, including a big opening party at the Werfkelder, a symposium at the Dom church, a 24-hour trip to Paris, an excursion to the Wadden Sea, and much more! A lot of cool merch was released, and to top it all off an Almanac containing five years of Storm history was made. All in all, Lustrum VI was celebrated like the milestone it was, and people are excited to see what Lustrum VII will bring!