Board 2002-2003


The 12th Board of Storm: Tornado

Josefien van de Ven
Heeltje Graansma
Marit Beute
Willem Hettinga

At the beginning of our year there was a brainstorming session during the general meeting about creating an Advisory Board, to safeguard the continuity of Storm. This is eventually founded, consisting of old board members. Furthermore we continue our quest into the online world, founding an IT-Committee, consisting of one whole committee member. 

My wettest memory of Storm is something I won't quickly forget (and no, it did not have to do with the fact that it was a board of four women and one man). It’s autumn 2002, and we were going to Heeg in Friesland on a Storm weekend. The weather forecast made us rethink (and WE are going sailing this weekend?!) but we left regardless. Arriving on the ultra-luxe farm, the next day was planned for sailing and biking. We dared our first step outside, and the heavens decided to open their doors wide and dump a relentless stream on top of us measly earthly inhabitants. It was truly fascinating, the amount of water a cloud can hold. As determined as we Stormers are, we turned ourselves to the fleet without a peep, and managed to move ourselves to the Heegermeer. The wind welcomed us with a good 5Bft, and we were on our way! 

The adventures on the Heegermeer can only be described as such: irresponsible, loud, singing, gezellig, wet, wetter, wetst. A fixed rule on board was that everything had to be communicated by screaming, and that you had to pour your Beerenburg in your throat with an outstretched arm in the downwind. Delicious! At the same time, in a different location, the second half of the group was braving the weather like true Dutchies: on a bike. They soon did not notice the difference between water, land, wet, or dry anymore. It was a beautiful experience! The end of the day was amazing, as the sun finally came through to warm our cold bones. On the farm we enjoyed some stamppot, still dripping, sharing our experiences. Nature, some beers, and Stormers: the perfect combination!