Lectures and Excursions Committee

There is no such thing as a partial explosion. When someone thinks about it, images of mushroom-shaped flammagenitus cloud of smoke, violent burst of energy and laud sounds of detonations pop up in the brain.

With the same passion as a firestorm, but leaving aside its brutality, the 2021/2022 committee devoted to Lectures and Excursion is explosive. In fact, they are L’EXplosion! Get ready to submerge yourselves in a wave of enjoyment and knowledge in an all-or-none law style.

Manou van Mierlo is the board representative in the committee. Paula Martín Aguayo is the director of this explosion, in other words, the chairwoman. And Boris Weever performs duties as the vice-chair. Gemma Negrini is the secretary, and Edo Dolente will step up for some reinforcement if needed. Julija Jakubovska is our thoughtful treasurer. And the last firecrackers are Annaflavia Tarullo and Rosana Bautista Benito as commissioners of visuals and promotions respectively.

Take the world by storm and join us in our explosive activities. We are looking forward to seeing you!