Lectures and Excursions Committee

Welcome back Stormers!

And welcome to Never Skip LEX Day! You might also know us as the Lectures and Excursions committee, but if we’re being honest we prefer the first one. This coming year we are super stoked to organize a handful of educational, yet super fun activities for you. It’s our goal to teach you guys some new things and hopefully leave you perpLEXed. Although things might look a little different this year compared to the past, do not fret. Either through the lens of your webcam, or perhaps through some pLEXiglass and a facemask, we are still going to plan some incredibly fun and interactive events for you Stormers:)

This is because we have some pretty awesome members, who indeed, Never Skip LEX Day! First up we have Jeska de Jong, our dedicated Chairwoman. She keeps everyone in line and makes sure we don’t get too sidetracked. Next up is our secretary, Erik Verhagen, he’s responsible for keeping all of our amazing ideas in a safe place and holds everyone accountable if they skip their task. Our Treasurer this year is Guus van Putten, just remember he’s responsible for all our money and does compLEX calculations ensuring that our activities are well within your student budget. That way there’s no excuse to skip LEX day. The Commissioner of Promotion who is writing to you, me, Noor Lammers, will keep all of you up to date on all our activities and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important (or fun).  This year we also have a new role, the Commissioner of Visuals, which will be Esmee de Haan. During our events she will be taking pictures and videos to make a fun video at the end. So smile big and let's show everyone else why not to skip LEX day. Last, but certainly not least we have three more very enthusiastic members: Naomi Jankee, Emy Vijverberg and Lotte Bakker. Although they may not have a specific role, they secretly do and are all very dedicated to the committee. Claiming ownership to our amazing logo, Naomi is always coming up with creative and interesting ideas. Emy is our storm oma, this being her third committee, and always has some wise words for the rest of us. Additionally, Lotte is our busy, busy board member who makes sure we don’t plan anything too silly and lets the rest of the board know what we’re up to. 

No you don’t need to grab your protein shake or your running shoes for these activities. Just make sure you show up on time, with a keen attitude, ready to learn and have some lol. 

But most important of all, make sure you Never Skip LEX Day!

Elbow bumps to all of you! And can’t wait to see you all at the next LEX day:) 

Lectures and Excursions Committee 2020/2021