Lectures and Excursions Committee

Dear Stormers,

We are in charge of this year’s (19/20) Lectures and Excursions Committee. If you haven’t caught us on the Move yet, come join us at our next amazing L’EXperience - which is what we’ve named ourselves. We are here to organise activities throughout the year to put some l’extra knowledge in your brain.  But don’t worry, we make sure our events are l’excellent fun too! 

L’EXperience consists of Jay Loman as the chill Chairman, Florine Bezoen as sage Secretary, Niels Kaptein as thorough Treasurer, Nika van Leusden as proud Promoter, our busy board member Rens van de Berg. They are complimented and assisted by Lidia Scharmer, Helge Giezeman, and last but definitely not le(x)ast Jasper Wijnands.

We look forward to seeing at a Once in a Lifetime L’Experience!

P.S. You can also reach us at lexstormutrecht@gmail.com if you have any great ideas.