Lectures and Excursions Committee

Hello there, we are the Lectures and Excursions committee under the name of Lex is More.

Parties and games are fun and all, but there is so much More: there is LEX! We organise, you may have guessed it, Lectures and Excursions of an educational and fun nature; think of documentary evenings, symposiums, trips to museums and NGOs, and much More.

We meet roughly every two weeks, enjoy dinner with a drink or two, and brainstorm ideas. Once we have an activity in mind the real action starts: getting in contact with professors/students/professionals/volunteers/companies/organisations to coordinate the perfect program for you, Stormer, to attend and enjoy.

We hope to inform, impress and inspire you with our events this year, so see you soon!

Much love,

Josien, Gino, Sofie, Sonja, Lucas, Simon, Eva and Marthe

Ps. We are always open for input, so if you have anything in mind don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.


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