Cooking Committee

We present you this year’s cooking committee: The Red Hot Chili Cheffers🧑🏽‍🍳🌶

Do you enjoy spending time with friends, cooking, and eating amazing vegan meals? This is our speciality, with and without spice!
We would love it if you joined our monthly dinners!! Here we come up with themed recipes for our conscious, and of course vegan, meals :))

Let’s introduce ourselves:
Karolien as chair, Bente as secretary, Jouke as treasurer, Mora as promoter, Teresa as commissioner of visuals, we also have a commissioner of the cook book, Erik, and a commissioner for our quote book, Mila, and last but certainly not least, the amazing other cooks Cleo, Finn and Gosia.
We hope to meet you at our dinners!

With lots of love, 
The Red Hot Chili Cheffers