Outdoor Committee

Heyaa lovely Stormers,

We are the ‘Outdoorables’, this year’s Outdoor-committee.

Throughout the year, we will plan exciting, fun, and unforgettable events - outdoor of course. The activities range from biking tours to city tours and weekend trips. Be it in the green nature or in beautiful cities: we get you out of the study stress and into the outside. Even Corona won’t stop us!!

The ‘Outdoorables’ are 9 adorable outdoor-lovers who want to arrange awesome outdoor activities for you!
So let’s introduce ourselves: Erwin sits at the head of the table as our chairman. All the to-dos, beerpoints and ideas during our meetings are written on paper (well, on PC) by our secretary Daan. The one responsible for the cash flow and money business is Lukas. Yanou convinces you fellow Stormers to join our awesome outdoor-events by doing the promo. And that we will never forget these amazing and exciting moments Jet captures them photographically. But not to forget, Madeleine, Merijn, Nienke and Tabea complete our committee with their bright minds and fun nature.

So join our activities and stay adorable with the Outdoorables!

XX Outdoorables

Outdoor Committee 2020-2021

Erwin, Daan, Lukas, Yanou, Jet, Madeleine, Merijn, Nienke & Tabea