Outdoor Committee

Hey Stormers! If you were wondering who the f*** the 8 stormers in the bushes are, well, that is this years Outdoor Committee, Into the Woods. As our name suggests, we will organise all kinds of Outdoor events this year in which everyone can participate, so no maximum number of participants! These events can vary from "Walking & Talking" in Amelisweerd to "bietje pilsen in een weiland". So if you want to escape from all the stress university gives you, our activities are the best way to socialize, de-stress and just enjoy nature. And get some fresh air as well, very healthy, go you!

Our chairman is Els (Mels Wijsma). He will make sure the rest of us hugs enough trees and he will lead us through the darkest parts of the forest. Our secretary is Vaasje(Frank Fluit), who will count all trees we pass. Our treasurer is D(aan) P(elgrim). This though guy will carry our money and also every other heavy burden. Tompoes (Tom Hooijer) is the commissioner of promotion and he will inform everyone of new activities using racing pigeons and smoke-signals.
Our other committee members do not have a specific task but are just as important! Sate (Sare Geurts) and Vuurtoren(Vera van der Veen) are there to make sure everybody has a good time. Lizzy (Lisabelle Busscher) makes the most delicious tiramisu for every meeting. And last but not least, if you see someone running through the woods with incredible speed, then you have spotted Marijke (IJke Mourits). 

Get prepared for the most amazing outdoor experiences you ever had and we hope to see you on our next activity!

Kind regards and kusjes from the Outdoor Committee

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