Outdoor Committee

Hello Stormers!!

We present you this year’s outdoor committee (2022/2023): The OutDors!! We will organise different outdoor events and two weekends this year!!! Let’s introduce everyone in the committee so you get an idea of who will organise these amazing weekends and events!!

First, we have our chair, Guus. Did you know he ran a marathon once, so being chair of outdoors will be a piece of cake for him even though he forgets to put in the weekly question in the agenda quite often.  

Second, our secretary is Samuel. And he also the commissioner of bonding. He does not like to drink from plastic cups because it feels cheap, but a plastic bottle is not a problem; a bit weird, right?

Our treasurer is Loïs. She makes sure that we do not spend too much money. She can make her own clothes (so cool) and eat a cucumber in a funny way, but she didn’t show it to us (yet).

Our commissioner of promotion is Nora. So if no one showed up, you know who to blame. You can recognize her riding a foldable bike (vouwfiets).

Our commissioner of visuals, Sophie. She loves to take naps, hopefully not during our events because then we won’t have videos of the events and weekends to show you guys.

Elena, she is from Austria and almost no one has seen her natural hair colour, maybe we see it this year? She can also do taekwondo so don’t mess with our committee or we will send Elena!!

Lastly our board representative, Vince. He is into sports and Storm, of course because he is doing a board year. And doesn’t like the colour yellow as a clothing piece, (I don’t really understand why, I love the colour yellow and wear it quite often, but everyone can have their own option :)).

Hopefully you know us a little bit better and we would like to get to know you guys at our events or weekends!!

Lots of love,

The Outdors