Outdoor Committee

Hi Stormers! 💚💚💚

We are the the outdoor committee of the school year 2021-2022!

This entire school year will be filled with a bunch of exciting activities that all revolve around being outside! We will organize all types of activities, ranging from hikes in forests, city-tours, to a surfing camp! And let’s not forget our iconic camping weekend!
Now, let’s introduce ourselves: Nieke is the boss in this committee; she’s our chairwoman. Everything we discuss during our meetings is written down by our organized secretary, Martina. Then we have the person who takes care of all budget related responsibilities: Hela. Then we have Steff, who is responsible for promoting our activities and convincing stormers to join them.  Florine is our commissioner of visuals; she is responsible for taking pictures/videos at our activities! And last but definitely not least, Tjeerd, Soraya, Thomas, and Len complete our committee by always coming up with great ideas for activities and helping to organize them.

We are so excited to have outdoor adventures with all our fellow stormers this school year!

Hopefully we will see you at all our awesome activities!

xxx the outdoor committee of 2021-2022,

The Finding OutDorys 🐠💚
Nieke, Martina, Hela, Steff, Florine, Tjeerd, Soraya, Thomas, Len