Move 2020/2021

Move project 2020/2021

For the last several months we, Florine Bezoen, Nieke Duiven, Nina Opdam and Jascha de Ruijter, have been working together with an elementary school in the neighbourhood ‘Rivierenwijk’. The aim of this project was to let the children engage in sustainability issues and to empower them by creating their own project to make their neighbourhood more sustainable. We, as students, were only there to guide them in their experience and help them if necessary.

The children came up with the idea to design sidewalk tiles with messages to create awareness about sustainability amongst their neighbours. The designs and messages are meant to inspire their neighbours to change their actions and to be more conscious about the adverse effects of their unsustainable actions. The children noticed a lot of waste scattered around their neighbourhood, which they recognized as an important issue, as they thought it is not only polluting but also sets an uncomfortable ambiance.

This project gave insight in the great potential that comes with involving children in the process of creating a better tommorow. Their creativity and enthusiasm really contributed to the neighbourhood and we think the children have learned a lot from the process. Although we found it very hard to do some of the sessions online, the sessions we had at the school were really nice.

The tiles will be distributed throughout the whole neighboorhood. In the picture below, two of the designs are shown.

If you want to see them in real life, you are welcome to visit the Maasplein in Rivierenwijk ;)

Do you also want to be part of such a great experience? Then don't hesitate and join the MOVE committee next year! If you have any questions about how we experienced this process, don’t be shy and send us a message.