Master Committee

Hej fellow master stormers!

We are the Master Committee 2021/2022, ‘The Outmasterers’! It is our task to provide you, the master students from Sustainable Development and Water Science Management, with a variety of fun social events throughout the academic year and finally preparing the introduction week and weekend for the new students of next academic year. We are enthusiastic, excited and happy to fulfil this task the best we can and hope to see you at one (if not all!) of our events. 

We will try to do so with our aspiring chair Femke, attentive secretary Marije, treasurer Juliette watching over the budget, creative promotion pieces from Frans, heart-warming memories from Nora’s videos, uniting the studies through Brechtje, and experience from our board member Rik.

If there is anything you would like to let us know or ask us, like fun ideas for events or just letting us know you liked an event, you can always approach us or mail via

See you soon 😉