Master Committee

Hoi allemaal!

We, the Master Disasters, are the Master Committee of 2023/2024 for Sustainable Development and Water Science Management! 

Who are we? 

We've got a dream team in the works! Aine, our lovely chair, Dirk, the organized secretary, and Aniol & Sudil, keeping a close eye on the budget. Lara's whipping up some creative promo magic, Victor's fostering those essential bonds, and Ruben's bringing in the wisdom as our experienced board member.

What do we do?

We are here to organize a bunch of cool social events, which will be coming your way throughout the academic year. We're super pumped and can't wait to see you at our events. It's gonna be a blast!

Lastly, in addition to being there for you and tailoring all the events, we are the disastrous minds behind the welcome week for the newbies of the next academic year. 

We're all ears! 

Whether you've got cool event suggestions, want to share your thoughts on a past event, or just feel like reaching out, don't hesitate to catch us in person or drop us a message at We're here for it all! 

Tot ziens!! <3

Your Master Disasters x

Master Committee 2023/2024.jpeg