Hii Stormers! ✨

Did you always wonder where those beautifully designed posters for the Storm events come from? Well, those are made with love by the E-Committee, Storm’s most creative committee!
But not only we ensure that people show up to the activities, we also organise three activities ourselves! Of course we will make the posters even more beautiful for our own activities, so that we get the largest attendence ;)

Our committee consists of:
Our Chair Manou, who forms a lovely couple with our only man Frans, even though they argue all the time during our meetings. 

Next we have our Secretary Paula, who has to pay close attention every meeting to type along. (Luckily for her we don’t have so many meetings) 

Then we have Lilla, who has an excellent name for making our word in the minutes extremely difficult to find, because our theme is colours. 

Then we have our Treasurer Birgit who loves to crochet, especially little bees. 

For our comisioner of Promotions we have Svea, who designed our cute logo for our own item. 

Last but not least, we have our bordmember Selma, who loves to get beerpoints, because she is using her phone and is talking Dutch during our meetings ;) 

We would love to see you at our events this year, and hopefully you enjoy seeing our posters every week!

xx the E-Bees🐝 (2022-2023)

You can contact us with any question via our e-mail! (ecommitteestorm@gmail.com)