Hi Stormers! Have you ever wondered where those amazing posters of all Storm events come from? Well, they have been created by the creative minds of our committee! We, the Digital Oracles for Revealing and Clairvoyance of Stormevents, also known as D.O.R.C.S, are responsible for all these wonderful A-3 creations found in the Storm room. They can even be found on the Instagram account of storm: Storm Utrecht. And there is more! The week after the Christmas break we will organise a spectacular gaming week with a Wii tournament, a Dungeons & Dragons event, and more! We will also organise a pop culture pub quiz in February. So, get ready! 

This is all made possible by the imagination of 8 people: Our chairwoman Nivedita Bansal, our secretary Ivar Kotte, our treasurer Anyk Warmerdam, our Commissioner of Promotion Tamara Luiken, Marieke Wennemars, Lotta J├╝chtern, Lucy Monus, and Emma van Merwijk.

We hope you enjoy our posters!

Much love,

E-co 2019-2020, the D.O.R.C.S.