Hoi Stormers! 

First off, we hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the new academic year, even under the current circumstances. These times pose new challenges to our life as students, but they do not stop us from having fun Storm events. 

You might have asked yourself before “Where do these amazing posters come from? Well, we are the answer to your question! We, the Artsy Academics, are the creative minds behind the beautiful posters used for event promotion on social media. As soon as the Storm room reopens, you will also be able to find our posters there.

This creative committee consists of: Our Chairman Niels Kaptein, our Secretary Madelief van Pelt, our Treasurer Jim Gerrits, our Commissioner of Promotion Lukas Krueger, our Commissioner of Visuals Soma Forgács, Astrid Minnema, Lilla Hadházi, and Aditi Chitnis.

We will organize some fun game nights in the coming months...hope to see you there!


Artsy Academics (E-Co 2020-2021)

If you have any questions or regards feel free to contact us via e-mail (ecommitteestorm@gmail.com