Board 1996-1997

Board of Storm 1996/1997

The 6th Board of Storm: 

Ramses Singeling
Yolanda Wessels
Vanessa Silvertand
Jan -Dirk Lankeman
Ellen Benner
Arne van Hout
​Sacha Jensen

This board year was one to remember. We had a board year full of nature working against us, such as:

  • An excursion to the Weerribben, where we got drenched to the bone in the rain.

  • A Storm weekend in Friesland where people were literally fighting over nettles

  • An overpopulated, and overheated Storm room in 12.03b, where suddenly everyone had to be at--and when we learned the true nature of efficient meetings: 5 meetings on 6m2

  • A board weekend in Texel where we managed to kick the temperature up a notch (according to the fire department, you shouldn’t put the used ashes from your fireplace in a plastic container, if it smouldered just a little bit...)

  • Steaming parties in the Bodytalk bar, where multiple new lovebirds found each other

  • Mandatory vegetarian cooking for all of those very environmentally friendly students: pea soup with smoked cheese and above all a lot of macaroni with spinach, blue cheese, and cashew nuts!

We also experimented with opening the Stoka (Dutch abbreviation for Stormroom, Stormkamer) three days in the week instead of two, a true break of tradition. This, however, was already restored in February, without a clear reason why though.

Despite all of these harsh conditions, we created an amazing team with all of these Stormers and an extremely fun environment. And that’s the first thing that reminds me of my Storm years!