Alumni Committee

Dear members of Storm,

We proudly present you: the Alumni Committee of 2021/2022! For those who might wonder what we call ourselves, it is the BakBarRadBowlSki!! Of course, you can call us the Alumni Committee, however, we would prefer if you call us the BakBarRadBowlSki. 

You might wonder how we came up with this name. Well, funny story! First of all, we like to do bakken with LotjeBak. The place to do the perfect bak is at a bar. However, not just a bar, but a bar in the Storm room! Sadly, this could not go through due to circumstances. Another aspect of the bar would have been the "rad" (a wheel of fortune). A rad just as the one they have at Bison Bowling! That is a good bridge to the next part of our name which is "bowl". From this year on, we form a bowling team in the student bowling competition at Bison Bowling! You can always come and support us on the second Tuesday of the month! "Ski" is just random, like us. 

Let us also introduce ourselves! We are starting with our Chair, a well known Stormer, Twan Fenten. Just like Storm came from V.U.G.S., Twan also came from V.U.G.S.. An important part of the agenda will be "game of Twan" because he will teach us a new game each meeting. Next up, we have Astrid Minnema, our Secretary. If you ever need assistance from someone you can ask for astridstentie. She is also known as the Chair from the KoloKolo committee, but that is way less important of course. The Treasurer this year is Maite van Dijk. Also known as mini-mais, maistro or korte dijk. She will be handling the finances this year so let's pray she finally finds out how to work with Excel. Next up we have the Commisioners of Promotion: Loïs van der Kleij and Nienke van Dijk. Quoting Lotte: "No words to describe how good they are". As mentioned before, with Lotte you do Bakker/n, or sometimes shotte met lotte. Lotte is a very content person, that is why she is the Commissioner of Content of this year. Then we have our rowing (hopefully also bowling)champ, Joshua Clemens. Lastly we have our Commissioner of Snacks, Samuel Tax also known as Saanp with naan. Who always brings us naan, very nice! 

If you want to stay up to date on our meetings/bowling adventures you can follow us on Instagram @bak.barradbowlski or e-mail us 

Xoxo the BakBarRadBowlSki