Alumni Committee

Hello there!

Storm’s Alumni Committee exists for all GSS/SD/WSM students who are, despite graduating their bachelor or master’s degree, still in love with Storm and who do not want to say goodbye yet!

A few times a year we will organise drinks for everyone to catch up with their old study-buddies, host an alumni-dinner and try to use our network as experienced Stormers to inform the current bachelor and master students about the life after graduation!

This year, the committee is named the ‘SnackCie’ and consists of your favourite Chefs from the 27th board of Storm and Joost: Sterre Westenbrink as Chef Chair, Louise Wijma as Chef Writing, Helge Giezeman as Chef Money, Juul Kappelhof as Chef Promo, Saré Geurts as Chef Sauce Distribution and Coordination, Teun Aarts as Chef Spek & Bonen (& Bier) and Joost van Gerwen as Chef Tall.

We hope you feel safer now knowing there is still a ‘social-safety net’ with a nice, warm group (old) Stormers to catch you when you graduate!

SnackCie 2018-2019


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