Introduction Committee

Hellooo, this is this year’s new Introduction Committee!!! We are the committee with the wonderful task to organise next year’s introduction week and weekend, to welcome all new Stormers :) We are working hard to make this the best introduction period everrr, which is why we have 8 awesome people to work together on this task. Let’s get to know them all!!

Jens is our chair, and he is the only male in this committee, which is why he always calls the rest of us his bitches. (Seems like sexism if you ask me) He tries to keep everybody focussed, so that our meetings do not turn into a chicken house (which sometimes works).

Our lovely secretary is Nardi, who can 10-finger-blind-type at the speed of sunlight. She likes to hide our weekly word so well that everybody has to read the minutes 5 times, which we obviously all love to do, as we all have way too much free time on our hands. 

Our money-woman (aka treasurer) is Rosalie! She manages Storm’s largest committee budget, a task that is not for the faint of heart. As our oldest (even though probably not the wisest) committee member we believe that Rosalie is the perfect fit. Additionally, she now can always annoy Erwin with her intricate budget estimates. 

Cato fills the position of “Commissioner of Promotion”, which sounds way more special than it is, as her main task is to communicate our plans with all stormers. A task that is cut out for her, as she is always (not so) secretly checks her messages during the meetings. 

Ilvie is our designated caller, as she loves to chat with everybody about everything! Not only on the phone but also during our meetings. She is currently on the market for a new bike, as her old one got stolen during our last meeting. 

Carolina is our only international, but she makes up for that by being half-German-half-Australian-raised-in-Cyprus-but-lives-in-Germany. She is also half of our Commissioners of Visuals duo, and thus will be in charge of the Afmo (aftermovie).

Ella is the other half of our Commissioners of Visuals duo, a duo that consist of our only first year members. She will have the task to document the entire introduction period, a task that we believe is perfect for her, as she is our youngest gen-z-committee-member.

Lastly, our lovely board member Selma. She is supposed to help us with all the nitty-gritty-board-needing-stuff, but next to that she also likes to rank up a huge list of to-do’s (which we are all very happy about ofcourse). That way, we like to keep Selma busy (not like she needs it).

We hope to see all of you during next year’s introduction week and hope you are enthusiastic about being a introparent!

See ya xx Intro 22-23