Introduction Committee

Heyooo, new year, new introduction committee. This year we’ve started off with an amazing group of 8 people that will be organizing the next introduction period. We’re all really looking forward to it and we hope we can properly welcome the first years of next academic year with an amazing introduction period. Now, we’d like for you to get to know us. 

Our chair and master planner is Stijn. He’s a third year student and so far has been doing a great job at keeping the whole committee on track. However, a chair is of no importance without his secretary. This role is being fulfilled by Max this year, a first year student who loves eating Hela kruiden curry with his croissants. This man is an expert at documenting everything that’s been said during the meetings. He’s so good that famous novelists would pay money for his ‘minutes’ documents. Unfortunately for them, these are secret and will not be shared with anyone! 

Next on the list is Donna, the Commissioner of Promotion. She is making sure that all the activities are presented nicely in the Storm Events WhatsApp chat. This means that at this moment she doesn’t have a lot of work. However, because of her love for making datumprikkers, she has become our commissioner of datumprikker. Since we’re meeting every week, and everyone has busy schedules, it means that she’s constantly working on scheduling the meetings. A real busy bee!

Since the introduction committee has the largest budget of every committee we needed a competent member to handle all our money transfers. Who better to choose than Erwin. He’s a real businessman and in his third year of GSS. Next to being our moneyman he has a sophisticated music taste and share Max’s love for putting curry on all kinds of stuff. He even puts it on a sandwich with speculoos!

Often the introduction week is so amazing that we want to have videos and photos to remember it by. This year we’ve selected Indi to make this happen. Like a David Attenborough 2.0 she will be documenting every activity during the introduction period with meticulous care. 

Now that we’ve written about every member with an official function it’s time to talk about the real heroes of the committee.

First of Anne, she is a wonderful first year without a function. Or at least an official function, because we’ve made up some extra roles to fulfill. In this case Anne took the functions of vice secretary and commissioner of bonding. Especially, the commissioner of bonding is a fun thing to do, since with the weekly meeting there must also be some meetings in which we only relax and bond. She gets to be the mastermind behind all these activities. A real honor. 

However, organizing and thinking of these bonding activities does take a lot of time and work. Therefore, she needed an assistant and who better to choose than Jelle? Straight from the first years committee, he’s eager to give the next first years a great time. Although, he doesn’t have any official functions, he’s not one to sit still. Biegel has accepted the functions of Commissioner of Audio, vice treasurer & vice chair & vice commissioner of bonding. 

Lastly, the one member that doesn’t have an official or unofficial task is Meike. But this really doesn’t matter, because without her the committee wouldn’t have even been able to exist. Within the committee she’s achieved some prestige by creating the best quotes. With Meike as a member you can be sure there won’t be any lack of conversation topics, because she knows as one of the best how to keep a conversation going. You could say she’s the glue that keeps this committee together. 

Well, that was everything there was to say about the committee. Hopefully we’ll see you as a mentordad or mentormum next introduction period!

Much loooveee, Intro 21/22