Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee is responsible for organising the Introweek of Storm and, of course, making it a big success. During the Introweek all the first years will get to know their new study, fellow students, professors and the most exciting study association there is: Storm!!!

As the Intro Committee, it is our job to make this week legendary. We're doing this by planning exciting events during the week, like; excursions, a sustainable introduction stunt, staff-student drinks and of course: partying!! Fun fact: The Intro Committee of last year actually won the DIS Award for best Sustainable Introduction Stunt!

By doing all these activities, you will learn all the insights of Utrecht, Global Sustainability Science and Storm. This exciting first week of university will be followed by an even more exciting weekend where even more bonding activities will be done (like INKLOKKUHH!!). As you can tell, there are no excuses to miss this extraordinary week where hopefully friends for life are made <3

Planning such an awesome week of course takes a lot of time (meeting every week!), effort, etc. Luckily it's also lots of fun when you have such nice committee members :) This year the Introduction Committee consists of Tesse van den Aker as chairwoman, Gaetane Demyttenaere as secretary, Rens van den Berg as treasurer, Eva Land as commissioner of promotion, Thom van Rij, Eva Colussi, Daniël Zegeling and Yza de Ridder.

Hope to see you all during the introweek!!



If you would like to contact us, which we absolutely understand ;), then you can reach us on this email address. :

Intro Committee

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