Introduction Committee

Hello, we are the 2024 intro Introduction Committee! We have the pleasure of creating the introduction week for the new students joining us in 2024. This can only be done because of the hard work of 8 cool, funny, and nice people. So the intro committee will introduce its members.

Yejun is the brains of the group, and therefore, he is our chair. He is always making sure everyone is there to do points, especially Erik and Charlotte. He always does his best to make sure the meetings go smoothly if he isn’t yapping.

The meetings can be quite chaotic at times; therefore, making the minutes can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have the fastest fingers of the west, Martina, to make sure every week the minutes are done.

It turns out that organizing an intro week requires a lot of money to be moved around. Luckily, we have Charlotte, who is the math wizard of the group; therefore, she is our treasure. Beside being treasurer, she is also our biggest feut according to some, but that is highly debatable.

Boris does promotion. He is one of the two sjaars of the committee, so all the nice instagrams posts and messages to the group chat that ensure the sjaars are at the right place at the right are thanks to him.

We also have to work together with the university to get the week going. Luckily we have a woman on the inside. This job is for Lysi, our “Jantien contant”. Besides that, she yells at us to make sure we stay on track during the meetings.

If you’re wondering why we look so fashionable, you can thank Saar for that. This is because she is the Commissioner of Visuals; therefore, she designed our t-shirts but also all other drawings and other stuff that looks pretty.

Erik is the second sjaars of the committee, but at this rate, we’re thinking he is going to be forever sjaars. To make sure we don’t kill each other because of how often we are forced to spend a lot of time together, Erik makes sure we like each other a bit by being the Commissioner of Bonding. His main bonding tactic is providing us with apfelkorn.

And last but not least, the unforgettable Pepijn. He is the board representative, so when he is not doing STORM’s finances, he is doing his to-do points of course. Some fun facts about him is that he never misses a meeting (wink, wink).