Introduction Committee

Hi there stormers! We are the introduction committee and we will be organising the first week of the first years’ (hopefully) amazing time at Utrecht University, and especially their time at storm! 

So, that’s nice and all, but what is the intro week and who are we? Well the intro week is a week at the beginning of the academic year. Instead of jumping straight into courses, lectures and deadlines, we will introduce you to life in Utrecht, life as a GSS’er and life as a stormer! This will happen in one great week full of activities, interesting lectures and it ends with a weekend where you will get to know every new student and have lots of fun. All of these activities will be in a certain theme, that remains secret until the intro week almost begins!

So now we will tell you a little bit more about who we are. 

Firstly, we have Tjeerd, a third-year student, located in the far far away city of Soest, our beloved chairman. He makes sure that everyone does their job and that the meetings go well. Roos, a strong opponent of driekwartleggings, is our secretary, she takes notes of our meetings so that everything that is said in the meetings can be found in the minutes. Then we have Lola, also known as blanket lover, she is our treasurer, which means that she is the one taking care of the budget and she makes sure that everything we plan is not going over the budget. Then we have Lena (me), commissioner of promotion. I will be writing the booklet for the intro week (with the help of others of course because I am a bit lazy sometimes), so that you guys can find all the information needed in there! Steff is the commissioner of visuals. He is our exotic gain from Aruba and is going to make sure that the whole intro week is captured on image. Lieke (famous shrek-artist) and Rosa (proud member of Brabant) have no particular function but are always very busy with tasks that they take on. Astrid, the perfectionist of the group, is a board member this year, so she is our contact person for the storm board!

So that is a brief summary of who we are and what we’re planning for you, we can’t wait to meet all of you! 


The intro committee ’20-’21 

Introduction Committee 2020/2021