Investment Committee

Beloved Stormers,

We would like to introduce you to Storm’s investment committee! It might very well be that you’ve been a Stormer for a couple of years already and never knew about this committee’s existence. No worries, it isn’t your fault! The Investment committee only revives once every five years to invest money in one or multiple sustainable companies/startups. 

The last time this committee was active was in 2020-2021. In September 2021, they presented a three companies in which Storm could invest. The General Meeting ended up voting for an investment in the Funghi Factory; a company cultivating oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. In doing so, Storm not only supports sustainability start-ups, but also gets something nice in return: as part of the investment deal Storm could request a couple mushroom growing kits and a lot of vegan "bitterballen"!

The committee will be reinstalled in the year before Storm's next Lustrum, which is in 2026. Then a group of enthusiastic Stormers will get the chance to find exciting sustainable investment opportunities again.