Board 1993-1994

Board of Storm 1993/1994

The 3rd Board of Storm:

Mathijs Ransijn
Jeroen van de Koppel
Edward Stoutenbeek
Aty Roodenburg
Dirk Bellens
Jaap Rodenburg
​Inge Zuurendonk

Once you become part of Storm, they won’t let you go. Not only are you asked to write something about your board year every few years, and do you have to explain why you’re not coming to the parties anymore.

Storm's band of enthusiastic volunteers are the ones which build up Storm, every year adding their own touch. This freedom is what makes Storm so great, because people can work out their own interests and ideas, without being bogged down by traditions, rules, and board-ly ballast. This is why Storm has become so large the last few years. The length and shape of the bachelor is of course very important for the continued existence of Storm. We ended up in the Volkskrant newspaper about ‘Milieukunde’ (environmental sciences), and we have made a case wherein we advocate for large changes within our environmental sciences bachelor. We hope this will result in ‘Milieukunde’ becoming a three-year bachelor--which means that people stay longer with Storm! All the support for this ambitious plan is needed. 

Storm has definitely made my university times better, and that was largely due to the people who have made Storm how it is today. The active and not-so-active people alike: they are not like regular students, they are more enthusiastic and quirky than any other regular student at a regular study! These people make Storm special, and that’s a good reason for a party!