Board 2015-2016

Board of Storm 2015/2016

The 25th Board of Storm: The Windstoten

Chairman:                                    Natascha van Bommel
​Secretary:                                    Thomas van den                                                                 Nieuwenhuizen
Treasurer:                                    Maarten Steenhuis
Coordinator of Educational Affairs:  Maaike Braat
​Coordinator of External Affairs:       Lieuwe Korver

Time goes quickly and Storm is already facing a new lustrum. A new 10-headed strong Lustrum Committee is working hard behind the scenes (and sometimes on the screen in the Stormroom) on creating an unforgettable Lustrum week for the end of 2016.

Both within and outside of Storm lots is changing. Internally the developments of professionalising and digitalising are continuing in a quick pace. Stormmelding is going digital and publishes its own blog. Furthermore an Investment Committee is founded to use a part of the equity of Storm, which is only collecting dust, to do some investments in sustainable initiatives: Meewind and Mesjokke.

The master garden, after some years of restricted use, is revived by the Sustainability Committee. And not only does the garden provide the ability to grow fresh produce, there even was a garden festival organised there.

The end of the Lustrum is characterised by the end of the studies. The studies Milieumaatschappijwetenschappen and Milieunatuurwetenschappen are now combined into the study Global Sustainability Science, combining the best of both disciplines. With this Storm will change into an English association, calling for some hard work.

To safely go through this transition the Candidate Board will, after 15 years of having 5 members, consist of 6, with the addition of the Commissioner of Internal Affairs.