Party Committee

Hola, dear Stormers!

We are the Party Committee of 2020-2021, the most fun and entertaining committee of all. We organise unforgettable events like parties, monthly drinks, pub quizzes and many more! Although this year it’s different due to Covid-19 restrictions, we still organise amazing events online. We believe that having fun with other lovely Stormers is as necessary for all of us as ever. We hope that very soon we will be able to see you in real life and throw fantastic parties again! Meanwhile we are looking forward to seeing you on our online events ;) 

With love from the members of Party Committee: Annabel de Cosse Brissac as Chairwoman, Emma Field as secretary, Ferry Tjeertes as treasurer, Kristina Kotova as commission of promotion, Maite van Dijk, Diletta den Hollander, Julia Bol, and Lilly Dexne ♡ ♡ ♡