Party Committee

Hello fellow stormers,
We are the 2022-2023 party committee. We are responsible for the monthly drinks and the garden festival. You can often spot us behind the tap at storm parties. We make sure that people aren’t studying too much and have a place where they can let off steam and have fun. We are a little chaotic in planning but the end result is always great. Come party with us soon😊                     

Our 8 members are:

Alice:         As chair of our committee, she rules our meetings with an iron fist.

Ellie:          Our secretary; Not so great at making the minutes but pours a great beer so we forgive her.

Twan:        As commissioner of promotions responsible for all our promotional material. Tries to turn any activity into a rave. luckily the rest of the committee holds him back a bit and makes sure we don’t                            break any Storm rules! 👀

Selma:       Our lovely board representative is the glue that holds our group together. Always busy yet still somehow always finds time to party.

Plym:         As our treasurer responsible for all our budgeting needs. Easily recognizable as the loudest in the room. 

Valerie:      As our commissioner of visuals she is the creative genius behind our awesome logo and our beautiful shirts. Our angel behind the scenes is indispensable in this committee.

Rick:          No one really knows what he does. Usually just there to party and have fun.

Gabriela:   Gabriela is a real party animal. When you see her at a party, it is probably with a few beers in her hands ;)

And remember kids: You can always retake an exam, but never a party.