Declaration of Intent

Earlier this year, the 31st Board of Storm signed a declaration of intent on student wellbeing on behalf of Storm. This declaration, which is sadly in Dutch, is a collaboration between VIDIUS Studentunion, FUG, OSHU, HSR, SVR, and SIB; all overarching organisations for students studying in Utrecht. A translated summary of the declaration can be read below. The full (Dutch) version that also includes all the organisations that signed the declaration can be seen by clicking the picture on the right.

By signing the declaration Storm promises to actively work on completing the following points to improve the well-being of its members and to protect the social safety within the Association:

1. The organisation works actively on making it possible to talk about uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences. If it is not possible or difficult to talk about an experience, the victim is less likely to step forward due to shame or fear. For the victim the bar to discuss it must be as low as possible; there must be a safe environment. A safe association is an association where people not only talk but also listen.

2. The organisation has a confidant (vertrouwenscontactpersoon).

3. The confidant, and how they can be approached, is known to the members of the organisation.

4. The organisation has a code of conduct.

5. In the code of conduct is clearly mentioned that transgressive behaviour is not accepted within the Association. Referring to aggressiveness, sexually inappropriate behaviour, bullying, and discrimination.