In June 2018, we hosted a network dinner in one of the wharf cellars along the Oudegracht in the city centre of Utrecht. The concept of such a dinner is that with every course, the students have the chance to talk to another company in an informal and relaxed setting.

We had three companies that were our guests for the night, the first one being ForFarmers. ForFarmers is a business that is concerned with the total feed business. On the sustainability aspect, they produce sustainable animal feed and they give advice to livestock farming companies about how to change their practices to ones that are more sustainable.

The second company present was The Cranberry Company. They focus on “farming with nature” in a nature area called De Krimpenerwaard. The cranberries are organic and produced with care for the product and its environment. They expect to have their first harvest in October 2019, so we mainly spoke about how to organise such a business and the importance of the concept of local production where possible.

Our third guest was ARN, a business that is engaged with recycling in the car industry. Nowadays, there are more electric cars, resulting in new challenges. They explained how they are trying to revive the old batteries by making an attempt to link them and make a ‘new’ working battery out of it.

During the night, inspiring conversations were going on while the attendees were enjoying a three course, self cooked, vegan meal.

Partners of Storm