In February 2018, the Career Committee organized a Pub Debate that was all about creative ways of dealing with waste: Think outside the Bin. In this event, the municipality of Utrecht was present to share their current policy on waste management and circularity. It was very interesting to gain more insight into the underlying reasons for the policy decisions our city makes. We were very happy that three officials working on the sustainability department were willing to talk to us about this.

Our second guest speaker was Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, a world leading expert in waste sorting. Peter, consultant business development, informed us on the solutions they are offering to make sure that every waste stream will be sorted and recycled in the most efficient and effective way.  

After the two presentations, from different viewpoints, the committee facilitated a discussion between the students and the two stakeholders. The leading question in this discussion was whether institutions like the municipality and the university should encourage waste separation, whilst there are companies like Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions that can already sort out the waste for almost a 100%. This resulted in an interesting moment of sharing ideas and views on the sustainability aspect of waste management.

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