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Cloudberry: Cloud Berry Global Farm is based in South Gyeonsang, Gimhae, Korea. The Company was established in 2010 and it is located in the rural area (approximately 30 km from the nearest city, Busan). We are involved in the production of crops such as strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes using hydroponics system in a "Smart Farm. Currently we are not just a traditional strawberry farm which harvest the strawberries and sell it to supermarkets or wholesalers. In 2016 we diversified the farm to include education of agriculture in English language to Korea's elementary and high schools students to promote the interest of agriculture and English language in young students by using "Farm to Table Experience" programme. 

Missions:  We are looking for several trainee profiles in our different departments. Big projects are coming for 2023 and we need to prepare and develop these projects this year.

  • Marketing service : Whether operational, digital or social, the goal is to contribute to the development of the service by continuing to make it the advertising to sell our products and services, retain our customers and identify new consumers or costumers

  • Education service : Being a smart farm it is Important to bring new innovative solutions for a modern and digital management of the agricultural farm, it will be necessary to carry out project planning program, Moreover Cloudberry already working on creating a virtual farm implanted in the Metaverse

  • Human resources: This service is used to stay connecting with universities, to have interviews with future volunteers and interns, to take care of visa applications as well as student schedules

  • Workshops participation:    The intern and volunteers will also have to be operational and proceed to the various workshops within cloudberry with the customers while having fun!! also to some service around GimHae                          

We are running the farm as an English Strawberry Theme Park where the objective of the farm is to create a fun environment for our customers to enjoy their time here while have the opportunity to get to know travelers from around the world. .. You can check our website here:

The proposed conditions: The duration of the internship can be from a period of three (3) to six (6) months. Cloud Berry Farm will bear the accommodation, meals, and cultural programs costs for the students

For further information about our internship program please feel free to keep in touch with us. We will answer all your questions as soon as it possible.

Instagram : overseasberry / cloudberry_edufarm

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