24hour trip

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Board 2022/2023 ''Dea Dia''
26 - 27 Nov 2022

24hour trip

Hii stormers 💚

Together with the biology Association, UBV, Storm has something amazing planned for you: A 24hour trip to KOBLENZ!! 🥳

Koblenz is a really nice and beautiful village in germany, where you now get the chance to spend 24 hours with your fellow stormers and meet new people from UBV!! 🇩🇪 We have planned some fun activities for you, but ofcourse you also get enough free time to explore the city with your friends😍

We will leave early in the morning on the 26th of november and come back early on the 27th of november. This trip will only cost you 30 euros and we will go with the bus, and our famous driver Ton, to Koblenz. 🤩 We will gather at the entrance of BBG, the exact time we leave will be announced soon.

XX Gijs (UBV) and Selma (Storm)