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Board 2018/2019 "Boreas"
Date and time
Oct 10, 2019 19:00 - 21:30

Dearest Stormers, 

We know you already miss us, but lucky for you we have one last activity coming up! The past year was amazing with all its activities, and a big part of its success was how great all the committees were. We couldn't have done it without you! Because of this (and because we miss you terribly as well), we would like to thank you all for your incredibly hard work and therefore you are all invited to this activity!  

Join us at the Active Members Activity on October 10th! We start around 19:30 at IBB (Ina Boudier Bakkerlaan) for the most legendary laser game you have ever played! Gather all your committee members to finish this year in style!

Hope to see you there!


Boreas  ?


*This activity is ONLY for 2018-2019 committee members*



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