New Year's Dive


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About this event

Kolokolo 2021-2022
Date and time
Jan 15, 2022 11:00 - 17:00
North Sea Beach close to Scheveningen

Join the Kolokolo committee in their next exciting event – the Kolokolo New Year’s Dive on January 15th, from 11:00 to around the end of the afternoon! 🌊🥶This Dutch tradition of jumping together in the sea is a perfect way to start the new year. Besides, you will be able to raise money for Oasebos yourself!😱🥳 The only thing you need to do beforehand the activity is to find some sponsors that will reward you for your brave achievement! By the way, don’t be scared of getting cold after the dive, since there might be a warm surprise after...😉☕🍫

The only thing you need to bring is a towel and some warm clothes. The location of the event is the North Sea beach close to Scheveningen 🌊🏖️, and you can join this event for free!🤑 

So… Do you dare to join us for a dive into the next year??🤔 Sign up and we’ll see you on the 15th!🤩
The Kolokolo committee💚