Chess tournament

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Sports and Games
E-Committee 2022/2023
Date and time
6 Feb 2023 10:00 - 3 Apr 2023 20:00
The Storm Room

Chess tournament

Hii Stormers

It is again time for our yearly Chess tournament!! The tournament will start the 6th of february and will last until the 3th of April, this is when the big final will be played. During the tournament you will play one game of chess per week! 

The tournament is organised together with sticky, so you will not only play against Stormers but also sticky members, make sure to beat them!! 

Make sure to join our chess tournament, You have until the 3th of February to sign up!! Don’t forget to put an indication of your level: beginner, advanced or chess master then we will find the perfect opponent for you!! 


Hope to see you all compete!!