About this event

Outdoor Committee 2023/2024
Date and time
Apr 5, 2024 14:45 - 17:00
de Rijnstroom


Heyy Stormers!!!

On the 5th of April the Outdora’s will explore: Canoeing!! Explore the waters of Utrecht with your friends, but make sure not to fall in 0.0 Unless you need to cool down after your statistics exam ;) Just in case, bring some dry clothes and leave your precious belongings at home.

We meet at 14.45 at Rijnstroom and after that you have two hours to canoe on 2, 3, or 5-person boats. The event will end around 17.00. It is only 5 euros for an amazing afternoon of fun!

Hopefully we will see you there!

The Outdora’s