Ascension 2021

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Date and time
May 12, 2021 12:00 - 16:00

Ascension 2021

Holy guacamole! 

It is almost time for the annual ascention day, which also means that the ascension party is back. Of course the event will be a bit different then other years, but V.U.G.S., ECU’92, Alcmaeon, A-Eskwadraat and Storm have come together to organise a very fun activity which gives you the chance to meet a lot of people from other studies as well! On the 12th of May we will hike through the Amelisweerd and along the way you will find new hiking partners, games and challenges. So do you want to meet some new people, while being outdoors?! Join ascension 2021 and all the participant will also receive a special surprise 🤩.

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