BBQ Beer Dropping

About this event

First Years Committee 2023/2024
Date and time
May 15, 2024 17:45 - 21:00

Hey stormers🍃,
It is almost time for the last event of the first year comittee and you don't want to miss it!🤩
On may 15th we will be organizing a Bbq Beer Dropping!🤗🍻
Groups will be dropped at different locations and they will have to find their way to an amazing (vegan) Bbq!🌭
the groups will be devided into first years and older years, making it a battle against the sjaarsen! so second an third years, sign up to try and beat the first years!😁

it will take place in and around Utrecht and it will start at 17.45! 
the event will also be FREE!🤪 so make sure to sign up!
Xx The Whippersnappers