Cluedo Easter Egg Hunt


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About this event

First Years Committee 2020/2021
Date and time
Apr 8, 2021 17:00 - 19:00
City Center of Utrecht

Hey guys, enjoyed the last event of the First Year Committee, or in the mood to meet other Stormers? Well, we have a new and even more fun event planned out for you guys on April 8th! This event will be in real life, so you can actually meet other Stormers! Your group will have to walk through the city center of Utrecht, play games and solve a murder mystery in order to obtain as many eggs as you can. The winner will receive an amazing prize (which is still a surprise ). Oh, and, of course, you can sign up with someone from an older/younger year and win something extra! We hope to see you guys there,


Xx Les Petits Enfants