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Board 2019/2020 "Beaufort Ten"
Date and time
May 28, 2020 20:00 - 22:30

Dungeons & Dragons

Dear Geeks and adventures,

Yes we are organising another Dungeons & Dragons session because it was such a succes!! For those who do not know the game. It is an adventure fantasy game where you travel in a fantasy world as an adventurer with your squad, a few other players. Here you can interact with the world made up by the dungeon master. For the record,  you do not need any experience to join the game, i am a noob too. ( x Rens) 

Join on an epic quest, but mostly laughter and good fun with some friends. Sign up alone or with a squad, it is all up to you! There are limited spots so be sure to sign up in time.

Practical information: For this game, we will be using the website Roll20. To prepare, you need to make an account for this website. This can be done for free. If you have experience playing D&D, you are free to make your own level 3 character. Otherwise, you will be provided with a character by the Game Master.

Contact Ivar (Game master) if you have any questions: +31 6 10076079

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